Iron Daughter Twitter Party Transcript

Last night Erica from The Bookcellar X, Pam from hosted a Twitter chat to celebrate the realease of Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Daughter (available in the US on 01 Aug 2010). Which is the second book in her Iron Fey series, the first is titled Iron King and my review can be found here. The twitter chat used the hashtag #IronFey and thanks to the amazing Erica we managed to get a complete transcript of the event! This is just the Q&A portion there were many interesting side comments which you can probably still read if you search for the hashtag. =) So without further ado here is the Q&A portion of the chat. Thanks everyone who came out to celebrate the release of Iron Daughter.
We tried our best to keep the chat spoiler free so this should be safe for everyone to read even if you haven’t read the books in the Iron Fey series. The first 30 min or so began with Pam asking Julie a few specific questions about Iron Daughter and the series.
bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa can you describe your plot for the Iron Daughter in 140 characters?
Bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa Without spoilers: Meghan must escape from the the Winter Court and retrieve the Scepter of the Seasons to Mab before war breaks.bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa What is the Scepter of the Seasons?
Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam The Scepter is an important item of power that the courts pass between them with the changing of the seasons.bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa How did the idea of the Iron Fey and their world come to you?
Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam Well, the short version is I wanted to write a faery book that was different then any other fey book out there.Bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa You know we have all picked teams. Do you have a favorite between Ash and Puck?
Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam Ahhhh, I don’t know if I can pick sides. They’re both my kids. I love them both. (Team Ash,shhhh)

bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa What was the most difficult scene you had to write?

Jkagawa Difficult scene, hmm. For me, the hardest scenes for me are romance scenes. Give me a good bloody sword fight anyday. 😉

Bookaliciouspam @JKagawa Who is your new favorite character from the Iron Daughter?
Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam New favorite character: I had a lot of fun with Leanansidhe.

bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa She was fun! Speaking of Leanansidhe where do you get the names of your characters?

Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam On names: Leanansidhe is actually a legend herself, not as common as Puck and Oberon, but she’s out there

bookaliciouspam @jkagawa what has been the best moment of your writing career so far?
Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam Best moment of writing career: Running into a complete stranger who says they read and love my book. <3

Jkagawa @ssalach21 “Ley Nahn Shee.” (I think. There are other interpretations) (Julie on how Leanansidhe’s name pronounced)

bookaliciouspam @Jkagawa How many books are in the Iron Fey series. Are you abandoning us at three novels and one novella?

Jkagawa @bookaliciouspam Meghan’s story does come to an end in Queen. But who knows? I might come back to the Iron Fey world later.

Following the intro the floor was opened for a Q&A session to those who attended and while Julie wasn’t able to answer every question she did get through a lot in the hour.

timestndstill @Jkagawa Do you outline or are you a pantser?

Jkagawa @timestndstill Half-and-half, really. I have a general outline that I use, but I often deviate from it

bibliophileprds Jkagawa How did you come up with Grim’s name and character?
Jkagawa @bibliophileprds Grimalkin is actually another character from Shakespeare. He was the three witch’s familiar inMacbeth.

Moonlightreview @Jkagawa is Grim supposed to be like the Cheshire cat in Alice and Wonderland?????

Jkagawa @MoonlightReview Grim is really based on a faery cat called a Cait Sith that roams the Scottish Highlands.

YAAddict @Jkagawa Did you know how the series would end from the beginning, or did it work out as you were writing?

JKagawa @YAaddict The ending is something I MUST know before I can start writing the book.

BookshelfBanter @Jkagawa What are your reading right now?

Jkagawa @BookshelfBanter Nothing at the moment. I’m in Super Crazy Deadline Crunch Mode, so hardly any time for anything else. 🙂

Ssalach21 @jkagawa How did things differ the second time around(release wise)?

Jkagawa @ssalach21 Its not so different. The excitement is still there. One major difference is now I’m under contract with deadlines

Yaaddict Jkagawa Is there another supernatural character you’d like to write about after you are done with faeries?

Jkagawa @YAaddict Well, I’ve been contracted to write another series after Iron Fey. Think: vampires. 😀

BookshelfBanter @Jkagawa So would you categorize yourself as Summer, Winter or Iron Fey?

Jkagawa @BookshelfBanter Definitely Winter. I hate heat.

Jkagawa @BookshelfBanter Of course, I DO love my video games. I might have to change to Iron to save my PS3.

Yaddict @Jkagawa Does Ash have a theme song? 😉

Jkagawa @YAaddict Yes, “We are Men,” from Mulan. (Lol, kidding, kidding) He doesn’t really, do you have suggestions?

BloggersBooks @Jkagawa What’s your favorite part of being an uber famous author?
Jkagawa @BloggersBooks UBER famous? Lol, I’ll let you know when I get there.;-) But the best part of authordom is getting to do what I love

BookshelfBanter @jkagawa In the Fey there is never just 1 enemy for Meghan to worry about… If you could pick 1 arch nemesis, who would it be?

Jkagawa: @BookshelfBanter Machina, I think. Because in my head, he looks like Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. 😀

In the middle of the chat, there was talk about an Ash theme song. Julie answered We Are Men from Mulan (see above) Then she asked for suggestions. These are what a few people at the party came up with!

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake
All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace” by Alesana
Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi
Shot through the heart by Bon Jovi for Ash
“cold” by crossfade

A favorite tweet of the night: @bookaliciouspam I can see Ash now “I’m too sexy for my sword, to sexy for my sword too sexy by far, I’m a Fae Prince you know what I mean?”

ssalach21 @jkagawa Was it easier the second time around(release)?

Jkagawa @ssalach21 A little easier. Once you write 1 book, you know you can do it. But some things are more difficult. Like a deadline.

HeatherKegler @jkagawa Do you have any “Edited Out” chapters or scenes you can release from any of the Iron Fey books?
Jkagawa @HeatherKegler There is one “dream sequence” I edited out, where Meg had a dream of Ash killing Puck in front of her…

thekams @Jkagawa Which character did you find the easiest to write? The hardest? 

Jkagawa @thekams Grim was probably the easiest to write. Meghan turned out to be the hardest.

Jkagawa Which character do you relate to most? 

BookshelfBanter Probably Ash, though I do love a good prank too! 😀

marielovesbooks @Jkagawa How did you come up with your character’s names and is Meg’s last name Chase on purpose? 🙂

Jkagawa @marielovesbooks Hm, truth is, Meghan’s name just came to me even before I started the book. But I’ve always liked the name ‘Chase’

jenababy13 @jkagawa Do you have any idea when we’ll get a description blurb for TIQ? Yes, i’m very excited 🙂
jkagawa@jenababy13 Wish I knew. 🙂 My publisher handles all that stuff, blurbage, covers, ect. Usually, I go to amazon and oh, there it is

BookshelfBanter @jkagawa Does music inspire you to write? What do you like to listen to?
Jkagawa @BookshelfBanter I have a playlist I listen to a lot. I like Within TemptationBreaking Benjamin, and My Chemical Romance to start

ssalach21: @jkagawa I know you like video games, which is your absolute favorite!?
Jkagawa @ssalach21 The Final Fantasy series. My favorite is FF8 and FF10

angelgirl122193 @jkagawa How did you feel after finishing the Iron Queen?
Jkagawa @angelgirl122193 Finishing Iron Queen: It was bittersweet. I was happy to finish the series, but at the same time I’ll miss it too.

readingangel002 @Jkagawa So now that you are done writing the Iron Fey, do you miss visiting those characters?

Jkagawa @readingangel002 I’ll miss them, but I know I left them in a good place. 🙂

timestndstill @Jkagawa Why was the dream edited out?

Jkagawa @timestndstill My editor thought I had too many dream sequences in my first draft, so one had to go.

YAaddict @Jkagawa Which character did you imagine first, Ash or Puck?

Jkagawa @YAaddict Puck, came before Ash.

Well that’s it. Thanks again to everyone who came out and hopefully we can do it again for the release of Iron Queen which is scheduled for release on 01 Feb 2011. Be sure to stop by later on today for the announcement of the prize winners from last nights chat.