The Long History of Craps Before Making Its Way to Gambling Online

In sbobet, Craps might be one of the most popular games in casino but this is not a new game at all because it was found long time ago. Casino contains several games with unique methods and ways to play. One of the most popular games in of gambling online is Craps. Most people think that Craps is the new game but actually, it is the traditional game with long history behind it. Did you know where the name Craps came from? Based on history, Craps was found in 1125. Back then, the crusades were a totally messy affair which was filled with measures of tedium, terror and bloodshed.

What to Know About Craps in Gambling Online

Before being a popular game of gambling online, Craps is full of history. Alexis which was the Byzantine Emperor in 1094 was like a tizzy while the Seljuk Turks were at rampage and taken big parts of Asia Minor and were threatening to do invasion to modern Istanbul which was Constantinople back then. He called for help so he wrote letter and sent to the Pope Urban II to ask if Urban can send an army as the first aid to fight Seljuk Turks. The Pope nodded and agreed to consolidate the power in the continent of Europe which was issued the call for all people who were Christian in Europe to go to Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land.

In the Middle Ages, there was not lots things to do besides war. It was quite hard for terribly bloody affair, miserable march as they fought to get to Jerusalem. The first Crusaders made it and capture Jerusalem in less time more than they expected and again, there was not much to do there. They left a horde of ambitious and brave men who found the 4 states of Crusader guarded by the strong large castles to protect Holy Land. Kingdom or Jerusalem was known as one of states where Sir William of Tyre had grown up there.

William was known as the creator of the game you know now as Craps. William created and invented the dice game but at that time, it was called Hazard from English pronunciation of the castle. The Crusaders learned that game on their way to go home after protecting Holy Land and the game arrived in England. Hazard was so popular in England and it was mentioned first in writing of Geoffrey Chaucer entitled The Canterbury Tales back in 1478. In the 17th century, it was the common game of English tavern and it was spread to salons and parlors all over Europe with different rules.

After that, the game made its way to America and though there were some arguments about who brought it there, the game was so popular in the casino all over America and now, Craps become the regular game of gambling online.