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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

Posted by Irish in Misc2 Comments

stitch fix banner


I recently received my second box from Stitch Fix and was excited to see what this batch had in store for me as I did enjoy the experience with my first box.  For those new to Stitch Fix its a subscription service that costs $20 for a box of clothes picked out for you by a stylist. You can chose to have a box shipped to you on a regular basis or on your own schedule. I plan on getting a box once every couple of months. The $20 fee can then be applied to an item you purchase from the box and if you buy everything you get a discount on all items.


I was immediately drawn to the first item in the box as I love the color teal. Its bright and summery and just a lot of fun to wear.


I pulled out the shirt first which was by Market and Spruce and valued at $68. I liked the back of the shirt as well which had a nice crochet detail without being see through and tabbed sleeves.


With this one I loved the color and liked how it fit, for the most part, but felt that the v-neck was cut a bit awkwardly. Its a shirt that I wouldn’t feel comfortable in without wearing something underneath it which would then make the whole thing a bit ill fitting. So I decided to put this on into the Discard pile.


Next up were a pair of Jake Slim ankle length jeans from Just Black which value at $88. Overall I liked the fit and the dark color of the jean and I also appreciated that they weren’t a skinny jean but they were definitely not an ankle fit on me!


At 5’4″ I am not short but these jeans certainly made me feel that way. Even with a heel these jeans would be far too long and would require me spending more money in order to get them hemmed. If they were cheaper than $88 then I might consider them but at this time I decided to send them back.


Next up was a Kaiya stripped belted dress from Tart that values for $94. I knew immediately that the belt wouldn’t work as it was brown and the dress accents were black and pink. The belt that was shipped was also a small and so didn’t fit. The dress itself was made out of a spandexy material that I typically like but the overall effect of this one made me feel fat and frumpy. I liked the colors but this one just wasn’t for me.


Following the dress I tried on a gray Cossette crochet detail knit shit from Ezra which retails for $48 and while I liked the color and how soft it was I felt that the material was a bit too see through for my tastes. It was also a little snug around my middle which once I start exercising more will go away and make this one fit better. So I debated on holding on to it until then but in the end I decided to send it back as I don’t think the see through aspect of the material will ever sit well with me.


Finally there was a Abrianna longsleeve knit cardigan from 41Hawthorn which retails at $48. I liked the navy blue of the cardigan and the length of it but like the cardigan sent in my first fix there is no way to tie or button it closed. Therefore it just sort of hangs limply on my frame. I decided to send this one back as well.

In the end, I had fun trying on all the clothes but elected to not keep anything from this fix. I liked the styling options a bit better than my first box but for reasons mentioned above didn’t fall in love with any of the pieces. I am still a fan of this service though and have already scheduled my next fix. If you would like to try Stitch Fix yourself please consider using my referral link!




Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

Posted by Irish in Misc8 Comments


I’ve been hearing a lot about Stitch Fix recently from various friends and so thought that I would try it out for myself. I got my first box recently and here is what I got:

sf 4

This is the stack of items fresh out of the box and I was excited to dive in as the colors were all me.

sf 3

The first item was this silver Marlyn Schiff rhinestone teardrop pendant necklace and while I like necklaces, especially silver ones, I knew that this wasn’t something that I was going to keep. This just wasn’t a necklace that I could wear every day and at the price of $42 it was just too much to sit on my dresser 90% of the time.

SF Collage


Next up I decided to pair up three items even though I knew immediately that I wasn’t going to keep the white Daniel Rainn sleeveless blouse. I am not a fan of sleeveless shirts that coupled with the see-through lace applicay (which should way too much) it just wasn’t my style at all. And since it was so low cut and see-through that I would have to wear a tank top underneath which made the $68 price tag a bit too much for me. But I still though that I would try it on along with the coral Splendid tab-sleeve cardigan ($78) and Mavi Frieda skinny jean ($118).

sf Collage 2

I take crap photos but the overall look wasn’t bad and I liked the coral cardigan and jeans and so I put them both into my maybe pile. With the cardigan I liked how you could change the length of the sleeve with the tab sleeve which would increase its styling options. I also think that it would would well with a nice belt but I don’t have a photo of that as I thought of it later.


sf 11

 Finally there was the item that I most liked when pulling the items out of the box as I love the color grey, stripes and it was just so soft. This was a Pomelo stripped heathered dolman top ($48) and the most affordable thing in the box. But when I tried it on the sleeves were a little tight on the lower part of my arm and there was just too much material under the armpit and it felt a bit constricting even though there was excess.


sf 12


In the end I just found it unflattering and put this in the no pile. Though even if I had feel in love with it I think it would have ended up there as I noticed this loose thread on the sleeve and so would have returned it for that.


sf 13


I then went back to the two items in my maybe pile and decided to put back the coral cardigan as I didn’t like it enough to spend $78 on it. Which left the Mavi jeans which I debated on for a good long while. The price was higher than I’d normally spend on a pair of jeans. I hemmed and hawed on them and then decided to sleep on the issue trying them on again the next morning. In the end I decided to


keep the jeans. And there you have it…my first Stitch Fix experience. I enjoyed it and I’ve already signed up for my next book which I’ve scheduled for July. Overall it was a fun thing to do and I look forward to seeing what comes for me next.