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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Leveled by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 3 Stars, Adult, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: Leveled by Jay CrownoverLeveled by Jay Crownover
Series: Saints of Denver,
Also in this series: Charged
Published by William Morrow on 02 November 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, GLBT, Illnesses & Injuries, Love & Romance, New Adult, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Short Story / Novella
Pages: 224
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss, Publicist
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Barnes & Noble
Also by this author: Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, Better When He's Bad, Rowdy, Asa, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado

First Line(s): Leveled. Laid out. Knocked sideways. Flattened and collapse. Breathless and stunned.

LEVELED by Jay Crownover is a novella that is billed as a bridge between her two series, Marked Men and The Saints of Denver. Although I do think that BUILT makes a better bridge based on how close those main characters were to the characters in Marked Men I just have to shrug and sort of accept this explanation. For when I first learned that Crownover was sticking around Denvery, so to speak, I was hoping that Dom and Lando would get a story. Those who have read the Marked Men books may remember these two, Dom is Royal’s (ASA, my review) good friend and Lando knew Rule’s (RULE, my review) twin brother Remy. (Hmm…Perhaps the bridge comes because RULE was the first book in Marked Men and ASA was the last.) Anywho, Dom and Lando meet when Rule, through Royal, helps get Dom into Lando’s physical therapy program as he’s recovering from an on the job accident. There is instant attraction and angst and heart achy feels that have you flipping the pages to see how things will work out.

As with all novellas, I wish that this one had been longer as I would have loved to have seen more of Lando and Dom’s families in the books. What little we did see had me smiling and wondering just how much better this could have been. I did enjoy this book but just felt that something was missing because we didn’t have a ton of time to develop the relationship between these characters. And then there was the dreaded epilogue. I always say that I won’t read them but then I do and always end up being disappointed and this one was no exception. It was just so vague and abstract and I would have preferred to have more pages of Lando and Dom in the now then in this weird time in the future that really doesn’t add anything to the story.

As a bridge between the two series I don’t really think LEVELED fits as Dom and Lando make such small cameos in each but as an introduction to Crownover’s writing and this world I think that this novella works. Its a quick read and Lando and Dom had some great chemistry. I’m glad I read this book and while I’ll always want more I do hope that we get to see more of this duo in the Saints of Denver series.


Leveled Quote

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blog Tour Review + Contest: Asa by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 3 Stars, Blog Tour, Contest, New Adult, Review2 Comments

Blog Tour Review + Contest: Asa by Jay Crownover

Blog Tour Review + Contest: Asa by Jay CrownoverAsa by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men,
Also in this series: Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, Rowdy
Published by William Morrow on 21 April 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friendship, New Adult
Pages: 416
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Audible|Buy on Barnes & Noble|Buy on Book Depository
Also by this author: Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, Better When He's Bad, Rowdy, Leveled, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado // Louisville, Kentucky

First Line(s): Not too long ago when I watched a girl purposely get as drunk as this pretty one did, I would’ve moved in for the kill.

With the release of Asa, Jay Crownover’s Marked Men comes to a close and it was with mixed feelings that I started this book as I wasn’t ready to leave this world or these characters. (Even with all their crazy, cooky, totally out there names.) We first meet Asa in Jet (my review) as he is Ayden’s older brother and a bit of an ass, if I’m honest. But over the course of the series you see Asa start to change and become more redeamable as he leaves his criminal ways behind him to try and make a better life. Along the way he also meets Royal, Saint’s (Nash Review) neighbor and friend and they are often tossed together as they have the same group of friends. Asa, thinking he’s not good enough for Royal since he’s a reforming criminal and she’s a cop. Royal, on the other hand, has other ideas.

Overall, I did enjoy Asa and Royal’s story but its not my favorite in the series. There was just a lot of back and forth going over the same issues again and again that it got old. Then there was their big dramatic, lets break up moment that was just so eye-roll inducing that it wasn’t funny. It was all another case that things would have been fine if they just talked about it and got it out into the open but instead its this long drawn out thing. Not to mention how crazy unrealistic the whole resolution of that matter was because there is no way that little seed won’t grate over time.

Asa Quote

Speaking of seeds, Asa is also filled with lots of seeds for other stories so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Crownover has a spin off series in the works, currently titled The Saints of Denver. That will bring in some of the side characters that we’ve met over the course of the Marked Men books. Right now I have a pretty good idea of who most of the stories will be about so it will be interesting to see how right I am on that. I also think that Asa’s story may have been a better fit to kick off that series since this book never even visited the tattoo shop that played such a role in all the previous stories. Even the characters from the previous books weren’t as present in this one as the previous ones.

If you’ve enjoyed the Marked Men books then you will most like enjoy Asa as well. Its the sort of story and plot that I’ve come to expect from Crownover with a little random, over the top action thrown in for fun. There were definitely elements of this story I could have done without as I don’t think they added value to Asa and Royal’s story ARC but they don’t distract from it either so it could have been worse. The names still drive me nuts and I don’t think that will ever change. But despite that I will check out the spin off series and continue to read Jay Crownover’s books as they are like crack and I can’t get enough.



IR - Asa


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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review: Rowdy by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: Rowdy by Jay CrownoverRowdy by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men,
Also in this series: Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, Asa
Published by William Morrow on 21 October 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friends to Lovers, Friendship, Girls & Women, Love & Romance, New Adult, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Social Issues
Pages: 416
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Audible|Buy on Barnes & Noble|Buy on Book Depository
Also by this author: Rule, Jet, Rome, Nash, Better When He's Bad, Asa, Leveled, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado // Boulder, Colorado // Loveless, Texas

First Line(s): I don’t have a lot of great memories from my childhood.


Rowdy by Jay Crownover is the latest installment in her Marked Men Series and involves Rowdy, a man with a mysterious past, and Salem a girl from that past. Rowdy was hurt badly in the past and as a result he’s never really had a serious relationship and one of the girls that hurt him was Salem’s younger sister, Poppy. Salem and Poppy were Rowdy’s neighbors when he lived in Texas and the daughters of the local preacher. Let’s pause for a moment and think about those names, Salem and Poppy…2 more strange names and ones that we’re supposed to believe belong to the daughters of a very religious family. I just don’t buy it. Add in the Sayer character that is introduced later on in this book and my eyes almost rolled out of my head. It just really takes me out of the story having all these crazy names as it just doesn’t seem plausible that not a single person in the Denver area would be named Jennifer or Ryan or something more common. Anywho back to the story.

Rowdy is jaded and aloof and Salem is determined to work her way back into his life. She feels that with just a couple weeks at a job in Denver that she’s proven that she has staying power. Even though she spent years as Rowdy’s neighbor before she left without a word. She’s a bit brash and demanding and I do get Rowdy wanting to have a little emotional distance between them. I also think that Rowdy’s walls come down a little too quickly to be real and I just didn’t believe in this story as much as I have others in the series. There was the influx of new characters that was a bit distracting as well as all these little subplots going on that offer hints of new stories but ones that won’t come as the next book, Asa, is currently scheduled to be the last of the Marked Men books. So why add in all the drama of a long lost best friend, a long lost love, and a long lost relation to the mix? It just gets a bit muddled.

For the most part I did enjoy Rowdy and Salem’s story but felt that we were told more than we were shown. Rowdy didn’t have the same emotional impact as others in the series as it didn’t seem to dive as deep. Rowdy was standoffish and wary of Salem and then in a blink he was head over heels in love. The subplots were also more of a distraction than an asset. It just stretch plausibility too much at times. Rowdy and Salem both annoyed me at times but I did enjoy all the cameos from the characters in the previous books. Rowdy is a quick read and I managed to read it in just a few hours once I really sat down with it. It was a good addition to the series but not one that will ever be a favorite of mine. It also made me look forward to Asa’s story more than I had been initially and I know that I will be sad to say goodbye to these characters. Crazy, unrealistic names and all.





Rowdy Quote

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Spotlight: Rowdy by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in Contest, Spotlight0 Comments

ROWDY RDL Banner 2


We are over the moon excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for ROWDY by Jay Crownover!! ROWDY is the fifth novel in her Marked Men Series published by William Morrow, and imprint of HarperCollins and you do NOT want to miss it!



Amazon US ** iBooks ** Barnes and Noble ** Kobo ** IndieBound


WHEN I PUT THE key he had given me in the door to his apartment it felt like the end of a long journey. Really it was only a little over twelve hours and I had stopped to nap once along the way, but it still felt like too long since I had seen his face or been able to touch all that toned and tattooed skin. Jimbo greeted me at the door when I pushed it open. His tongue lolled out of his mouth and he jumped up and put his paws on my legs. He was going to be huge when he finally grew into his fuzzy body and I was overwhelmed at how happy I was to see him. I dropped to my knees and rubbed my face in his neck as he licked me all over my face. I was obviously missed and I had to say it was just one more reason I knew I was finally where I was supposed to be. It was late, so the apartment was dark.

I checked the dog’s food and water, trying to be quiet in case Rowdy was already asleep. I was winding my way toward his bedroom when a haphazardly discarded sketch pad lying on the couch caught my eye in the dim light. I paused for a minute to pick it up and felt my heart stop and then start to race as I flipped through the first few pages. There were a couple of drawings that were obviously for clients, tattoos that hadn’t made it from paper to skin yet, but most of the pristine white pages were covered with images wearing my face. There was mermaid me, and naughty- sailor- girl me. There was sassy Indian girl me with long Pocahontas braids and there was sexy devil me standing next to angelic me. There were dozens of them all in different shapes and sizes, but every single image was undoubtedly modeled after my distinct look. I wasn’t sure if he had drawn them all over this last week while I had been gone or over the months we had been chasing each other in circles.

Either way it made my heart swell and the full certainty that I was it for him settle deep inside my bones. I set the pad down and tiptoed through the hall. Jimbo took one look at where I was going and huffed out a disgusted- sounding snort. The poor guy had learned early on that he wanted no part of what happened between his humans when they were together in the bedroom. The light was off and Rowdy was sprawled on his stomach across the covers. His blond hair was sticking up every- where and he hand one arm bent up under his head. The only thing that could have made the sight better would have been if he hadn’t bothered with the black boxers before crashing out.

Even with them obscuring the view, I couldn’t complain. I let out a breathless sigh and crept closer so that I could lean over and touch my lips to that anchor on the side of his neck. I felt his pulse leap and tasted the salt on his skin as he murmured sleepily and rolled over onto his back. Those infinitely blue eyes glowed at me in the dark as a grin pulled up the corner of his mouth.


Rowdy Teaser 2


About ROWDY:

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling Marked Men series continues with this sizzling, sexy story of love, heartbreak, fate, and second chances.

After the only girl he ever loved told him that he would never be enough, Rowdy St. James knocked the Texas dust off his boots and set out to live up to his nickname. A good ol’ boy looking for good times and good friends, Rowdy refuses to take anything too seriously, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Burned by love once, he isn’t going to let himself trust a woman again. But that’s before his new co-worker arrives, a ghost from the past who’s suddenly making him question every lesson he ever learned.

Salem Cruz grew up in house with too many rules and too little fun—a world of unhappiness she couldn’t wait to forget. But one nice thing from childhood has stayed with her; the memory of the sweet, blue-eyed boy next door who’d been head over heels in love with her little sister.

Now, fate and an old friend have brought her and Rowdy together, and Salem is determined to show him that once upon a time he picked the wrong sister. A mission that is working perfectly—until the one person that ties them together appears, threatening to tear them apart for good.


Sensual portrait of beautiful girl with tattoo lying on bed.


Jay CrownoverAbout Jay Crownover:

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men series. She will also be introducing the dark and sexy world of The Point in a new series this summer starting with ROWDY. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she’ll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.




Website ** Blog ** Facebook ** Twitter

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review: Nash by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, New Adult, Review1 Comment

Review: Nash by Jay CrownoverNash by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men,
Also in this series: Rule, Jet, Rome, Rowdy, Asa
Published by William Morrow on 29 April 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Death & Dying, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friendship, Love & Romance, New Adult
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Audible|Buy on Barnes & Noble|Buy on Book Depository
Also by this author: Rule, Jet, Rome, Better When He's Bad, Rowdy, Asa, Leveled, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado

First Line(s): High School…Not the best years of my life.

The moment I finished Rome by Jay Crownover I knew that I had to dive right into the next book Nash. As with the previous books in the series I devoured this one and once I started it I couldn’t put it down. I loved Nash and his backstory was so heartbreaking and just has you cheering him on to find his happily ever after. Saint on the other hand annoyed me at times at the assumptions she made and how she let one experience a dozen or so years ago define her whole life. Yes, people in high school can be cruel but what she thought she heard wasn’t the total earth shattering “I’ll never trust a boy ever again” sort of thing. But once I got past that aspect of her I did begin to like Saint and like her with Nash. In the end, they ended up being a good complement for each other.

In some ways, Nash is your typical New Adult story with broken and flawed characters who are looking to find some completion. Though in this case the one most broken isn’t the one that you might think. And that is where the similarities of your typical NA story end because the writing and the plot of the Marked Men novels is better than other NA stories that I’ve read. Nash has his entire world turned upside down in a single night and its then that he also becomes reaquainted with a girl from his past. In a world where girls on every other page are fawning and falling all over these boys Saint isn’t one. This makes for some interesting scenes between the two and the chemistry just sizzles off the page.

I loved Nash and how vulnerable he was compared to those around him. Oh the other Marked Men boy have their issues but there was always something that set Nash apart from them in the previous books. I loved getting into his head and seeing what made him tick. It broke my heart on numerous occasions when Saint would say and do something to hurt him. She wasn’t always the most likeable of characters in that way but she did make up for her hurts as the book went on. Their ending did seem a bit rushed but even with that Nash has been my favorite in this series so far.

The thing that bothered me most as I got to Nash was all the crazy out there names. If I were to go on this series alone I wouldn’t think that there was a single Bob or Mary in all of Colorado. I have nothing against creative names but its all just getting a bit ridiculous in these books. Even when preacher kids are mentioned they were named Poppy and Salem. There is even a Sunshine running around this town as well. Its just gotten to the point where I roll my eyes whenever a new character is mentioned as I know they’ll be called something outlandish and over the top. I’ve also started to rename some of the characters in my head to add a little bit of reality to this world.

Crazy names aside I am now going through some series Marked Men withdrawal and can not wait until the next book in the series which will feature Rowdy. Rowdy is a bit of an unknown in the series but I look forward to learning more about him and seeing the old gang again. The Marked Men books are ones that I highly recommend to those thinking about reading New Adult. They are total book crack for me and Jay Crownover is totally on my autoread list as a result.



Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Rome by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: Rome by Jay CrownoverRome by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men,
Also in this series: Rule, Jet, Nash, Rowdy, Asa
Published by William Morrow on 07 January 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Family, Friendship, Girls & Women, Love & Romance, New Adult, War & Military
Pages: 384
Source: Edelweiss
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Audible|Buy on Barnes & Noble|Buy on Book Depository
Also by this author: Rule, Jet, Nash, Better When He's Bad, Rowdy, Asa, Leveled, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado

First Line(s): Its my favorite thing ever to have all the people I love in one place at the same time.

Even though I was a little disappointed in Jet, I couldn’t wait to dive into Rome by Jay Crownover. We first meet Rome in Rule as he is Rule’s older brother and until the big secret in that book comes out he is the most steady and stable of all the characters in this series. Rome is an ex-marine and part of how he lost his way is the after effects of events in Afghanistan that left him injured and those under his command dead. He is lost, suffering from PTSD, and trying to deal with family secrets and so is a bit volatile and just makes your heart ache for him. His family know how he was before and believe that if they just let things slide that he’ll find his way again. Cora and Brite however continually call him on his crap with mixed results.

Cora is also a character we first meet at the start of the series and if the guys in the previous books could be called Bad Boys then she is the equivalent of the Bad Girl. She’s opinionated and tattooed and refuses to take crap from anyone. She’s almost a little too sharp around the edges at times but once you learn her backstory you can understand where she is coming from and how she is the way she is. And as such you can understand her better though I may not always agree with how she deals with it all. Although, with what Rome is dealing with he needs someone who isn’t afraid to be blunt and abrasive which is something that Cora can do well.

As with Rule and Jet, I read Rome in just a few hours. Once I started I couldn’t put it down and I needed to know what would happen next with not just with the central characters but with the secondary ones as well. One thing that I’ve enjoyed with the Marked men series is how Jay Crownover keeps all of her characters around with each successive story. They don’t just disappear or are barely mentioned but all have an integral part in the story to play. Although Nash does have a bigger part in this one than the others and a big part of that is probably because his story is the one that follows this.

I liked Rome, a lot. I liked his and Cora’s chemistry and I loved their story. I liked how life threw them both a curveball and how they managed to deal with it. This one was fast paced and filled with lots of heart-achy feel good feels. If you are thinking of trying New Adult then you should really check out the Marked Men series. Great writing, good stories, and odd names aside, lots of good romancy emotions.



Monday, April 21, 2014

Review: Jet by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 3 Stars, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: Jet by Jay CrownoverJet by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men, Book 2
Also in this series: Rule, Rome, Nash, Rowdy, Asa
Published by William Morrow on 28 May 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Love & Romance, Music & Musicians, New Adult
Pages: 416
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Audible|Buy on Barnes & Noble|Buy on Book Depository
Also by this author: Rule, Rome, Nash, Better When He's Bad, Rowdy, Asa, Leveled, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado // Louisville, Kentucky

First Line(s): It was totally against everything I was supposed to be doing in my new life – to ask a really cute boy in a band to take me home.

Jet by Jay Crownover is the second book in her Marked Men series that started off with bad boy Rule. Jet is a long time friend of Rule and through him he meets Ayden who was Shaw’s roommate and who now lives with Jet and Cora. The story picks up about a year after the events in Rule and the disastrous night when Ayden and Jet almost hooked up but didn’t. Since then there has been a strained friendship between the two as the attraction is still there but neither are brave enough to act on it. I didn’t like Jet as much as Rule and a good part of that had to do with Ayden. She was just so selfish and judgmental and just annoyed me with the majority of her actions.

Nothing Jet did was good enough for Adyen and she wasn’t content in her own skin. She lived a life of secrets and lies and when things started to come out she panicked, lied some more, and  just made a has of everything. She breaks hearts without a care and then later on says that they are to blame when it was all Ayden’s drama and perceived drama. I just wanted to smack her upside the head more often than not and I really didn’t understand why those around her put up with all her bullshit. Ayden is not a girl to be content in life and only seemed to be happy when she was telling those around her what they needed to do to improve their lives.

I also didn’t get Ayden’s behavior around her older brother. The things she did for him and how she was always trying to save him. It just didn’t make sense since she was his younger sister. If she was older than I could have understood this protectiveness more but as she wasn’t I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. I also didn’t get how her mother was so useless and yet would then blame Ayden for her brother getting in trouble or how Ayden didn’t save him. Why was it all on Ayden’s shoulder when she was the baby in the family? And why did she put up with it when she really didn’t seem to care about those around her.

The saving grace of Jet was Jet himself who was a tortured sole and your heart just breaks when you learn his back story. He had a tough life growing up and its easy to see why his is the way he is. All you want is for him to be happy and you just hate how Ayden treats him throughout most of the book. I found it hard to believe in their HEA because of what a royal pain in the a$$ Ayden could be. Not just to Jet but also to her BFF Shaw and to her roommate and friend Cora. I always found it hard to understand why they would want to be around Ayden as she wasn’t all that fun to be around.

I did like the writing of this book and I read it just as quickly as Rule. The pacing and plotting were good. Even with the crazy side story line of Asa’s mob-like ties. I think that storyline kind of overpowered things a bit especially when you add in Jet’s side story as well. Overall I liked Jet but I didn’t love it and it probably won’t be a story that I revisit. Preferring instead to just revisit these characters (mostly Ayden) as secondary ones in other books.



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review: Rule by Jay Crownover

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, New Adult, Review4 Comments

Review: Rule by Jay CrownoverRule by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men,
Also in this series: Jet, Rome, Nash, Rowdy, Asa
Published by William Morrow on 22 October 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Love & Romance, New Adult
Pages: 432
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
Buy on Amazon|Buy on Audible|Buy on Barnes & Noble|Buy on Book Depository
Also by this author: Jet, Rome, Nash, Better When He's Bad, Rowdy, Asa, Leveled, Built, Charged

Place(s) Traveled To: Denver, Colorado // Brookside, Colorado

First Line(s): At first I thought the pounding in my head was my brain trying to fight its way out of my skull after the ten or so shots of Crown Royal I had downed last night, but then I realized the noise was someone storming around in my apartment. She was here, and with dread I remembered that it was Sunday.

Rule by Jay Crownover is the start of a new adult series called Marked Men and takes place in Denver, Colorado. Its also a book that was on my kindle and partially forgotten until another blogger friend began talking about it on twitter and instagram. I was intrigued and in need of a new distraction at the time and quickly fell into the crack that was this series. The first book is Rule and Shaw’s story and is filled with lots of emotional turmoil. Rule had a twin who died a few years prior to the start of the book and Shaw was Remy’s BFF and alleged girlfriend. She was close to the family as her home life wasn’t the best and after Remy’s death has taken it upon herself to keep Rule in the family. But its hard as they are all sorts of screwed up.

The story is fast paced and raw and I loved that even though Rule was your stereotypical bad boy (tattooed, man whore, et cetra) he was also more than the cliche. Just as Shaw was more that the good girl who would redeem the bad boy with her love. Shaw was every bit as broken as Rule just in different ways and when they got over their issues they were able to heal themselves and each other. There were some parts of the story that I could have done without, like the crazy ex-boyfriend, and it was far from perfect but at the time I read it Rule was a great escape novel. It kept me up past my bedtime and I feel in love with all of the characters. I was filled with a need to know more and so was really glad I was able to bounce to several books before I ran out of material.

I also could have done without the cryptic foreshadowing of events and random pointless details that seemed to appear at odd moments in the text. These things would take me out of the story for a few moments  but the characters are what kept pulling me back it. Rule was a heart-achy book for me and I hated when the Rule and Shaw placed barriers between them. Even though I know its sometimes easier to push someone away then to do with some harsh truths. Rule was a good story and a great addition to the New Adult genre as it takes the cliche of it and turns it around to makes it all its own. If you are looking for a new series to read then I highly recommend the Marked Men books.