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Series: Mary Poppins

Friday, April 10, 2015

Audio Review: Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers

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Audio Review: Mary Poppins by P.L. TraversMary Poppins by P.L. Travers
Narrator: Sophie Thompson
Series: Mary Poppins,
Published by Blackstone Audio on 1934
Genres: Action & Adventure, Adolescence, Fairy Tales, Folklore, & Legends, Fantasy, Friendship, Middle Grade
Length: 3 hours 50 min
Format: Audiobook
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Place(s) Traveled To: London, England (early 1900s)

First Line(s): If you want to find Cherry-Tree Lane all you have to do is ask the Policeman at the cross-roads

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Mary Poppins, I loved the music and the stories and the magic of it all. I didn’t realize it was a book until I was much older and then never really found the time to explore the original story until recently. Recently being after I watched the movie, Saving Mr Banks and I became interested in this story all over again. Overall, the story was ok but the book wasn’t really a book in that there was one cohesive story. Instead, Mary Poppins, seemed to be a series of vignettes and they didn’t really mesh well together. The whole thing seemed a little disjointed and lacked the magic and imagery that I was expecting.

I also HATED the character of Mary Poppins. She was vain and vile and one of the most dislikable characters that I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet. Listening to this story also made me realize just how much Disney changed from book to screen and while normally I am very opposed by this I think that in this case it was for the better. Disney pulled out all the very best of the book and put them on screen and left out those parts that just made no sense to the story. But most importantly they made Mary Poppins into a likable, lovable person.

The narrator, Sophie Thompson, was just so-so but she spoke very softly so when I listened to this one I had to have the volume turned up really loudly. If this audio was any longer than I probably would have ended up DNF’ing it. Just as I think I would have DNF’d the book if I had picked that up in place of the audio. Mary Poppins was not a good book and I have no plans on continuing with this series. In some ways I almost wish I could more easily forget this story so that the only version that I knew of was the Disney version.


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