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Author: Sonia Gensler

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Short Story Saturday: Grim – Untethered by Sonia Gensler

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Short Story Saturday: Grim – Untethered by Sonia GenslerUntethered by Sonia Gensler
Series: Grim,
Also in this series: The Key, Figment, The Raven Princess, Thinner Than Water, Before the Rose Bloomed, Beast/Beast, The Brothers Piggett, Better, Light It Up
Published by Harlequin Teen on 25 February 2014
Genres: Anthology, Contemporary (No Romance Focus), Death & Dying, Family, Paranormal, Short Story / Novella, Young Adult
Pages: 15
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Short Story Saturday is a new feature that I am doing here on Ticket to Anywhere where I start to read some of the various anthologies I have, one story at a time. One of the anthologies that I am focusing on now is Grim edited by Christine Johnson which is described as: “In the days when fairy tales were first spun, they weren’t the sweet and cheerful stories we tell today. Back then, fairy tales were terrifying. They were a warning to the listener to stay out of the night, to keep away from the mystical and ignore the mysterious.”

Place(s) Traveled To: Unknown

First Line(s): Grief hangs on my bones, at times nearly suffocating me.

Original Story: The Shroud


Untethered by Sonia Gensler is a very short story in the Grim anthology that feels even shorter than the few pages that it was contained on. Its a fast read and while I did like the twist it was just too short to have any real impact on me. There is no history or boackground or anything tangible to it that allowed me to become connected to any of these characters. I was told that they were grieving and shown it but the why was just sort of glossed over. It just felt so incomplete like we received less than a fragment of a story and I remember asking myself when I hit the last page, “That’s it?” I thought that Untethered was well written and liked Gensler’s style but just didn’t feel this story. I would say to skip it but its over in such a blink that reading it is almost the same as not reading it at all.