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Author: Rachel Hawkins

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Short Story Saturday: Grim – The Key by Rachel Hawkins

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Short Story Saturday: Grim – The Key by Rachel Hawkins

Short Story Saturday: Grim – The Key by Rachel HawkinsThe Key by Rachel Hawkins
Series: Grim,
Also in this series: Figment, The Raven Princess, Thinner Than Water, Before the Rose Bloomed, Beast/Beast, The Brothers Piggett, Untethered, Better, Light It Up
Published by Harlequin Teen on 25 February 2014
Genres: Anthology, Fantasy, Short Story / Novella, Young Adult
Pages: 21
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher


Short Story Saturday is a new thing that I am going to be trying out here at Ticket to Anywhere where I start to read some of the various anthologies I have, one story at a time. I’m going to kick off part 2 of Short Story Saturday with Grim which the book synopsis describes as  “In the days when fairy tales were first spun, they weren’t the sweet and cheerful stories we tell today. Back then, fairy tales were terrifying. They were a warning to the listener to stay out of the night, to keep away from the mystical and ignore the mysterious.”

Place(s) Traveled To: Near Auburn, Alabama

First Line(s):  High school is hard enough without having a psychic for a mom.

Original Story: Bluebeard

The Key by Rachel Hawkins is the first story in the Grim Anthology which will be released by Harlequin Teen in February. This anthology is all about fairy tale retellings and as that is one of my favorite story concepts I just had to have this book. The Key is a quick story and one where that seems to end before it begins. This is always the problem with short stories and many novellas as they just don’t always have the time to tell a complete story. In The Key we meet Lana who is the daughter of a psychic and she herself has some powers too. And as most books that involve psychics have shown it often happens that something is seen that can not be unseen. This is the pivotal moment in the story and the one that sets the readers heart racing and quickly turning the pages until you see what happens.

The Key does a splendid job of creating all the suspense of a full length novel and this is one that I really hated to end. I am so curious to know what happens next and wish that this was some sort of prequel to a larger story. You can be sure that if Rachel Hawkins ever decided to expand this story I would read it in a heart beat. But then I pretty much would devour anything that Hawkins wrote her writing is just that good. While I hated how short this one was I did love all the emotions that Hawkins was able to make me feel in the few pages that she had to tell this story.