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Author: Heather Dixon

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Entwined by Heather Dixon

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, Review, Young Adult6 Comments

Review: Entwined by Heather DixonEntwined by Heather Dixon
Published by Greenwillow Books on 29 March 2011
Genres: Abduction, Action & Adventure, Adaptation, Adolescence, Emotions & Feelings, Fairy Tales, Folklore, & Legends, Family, Fantasy, Friendship, Girls & Women, Love & Romance, Magic, Romance, Royalty, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Young Adult
Pages: 480
Format: ARC
Source: Amazon Vine
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Place(s) Traveled to: Eathesbury

First Line: An hour before Azalea’s first ball began, she paced the ballroom floor, tracing her toes in a waltz.

What first attracted me to Entwined by Heather Dixon was its cover, I am such a sucker for a pretty cover, but I became sold on it when I learned that it was a fairy tale retelling. From a young age I have adored fairy tales. I love the magic and possibility of them all. I usually enjoy it when an author adapts one to make it more modern and accessible although there have been a few retellings that never quite hit the right note. Sometimes an author can make too many changes that the magic of the original is lost. This isn’t the case with Entwined where  Heather Dixon does a beautiful job with breathing new life into the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

In the beginning the story dragged a bit for me although the writing throughout it all was beautiful. I loved the descriptions of the music and the dancing as well as the interactions between the sisters. But in the beginning, after the sisters first found the Pavilion, I was a little bored as the same events just seemed to repeat. It was when the girls’ father returned to the palace that I became fully entranced by this story and became incapable of putting it down. Entwined sucked me slowly, seduced me and wouldn’t let me go until I read it in its entirety in  a single sitting.

The story had me laughing and bits of it gave me that heart-achy feeling that I love so much in a book. And yes there were moments that near broke my heart as well. There was a true sense of family, friendship and love contained in Entwined’s pages and its a world that I dreamed of after turning the final page. The Keeper was at once friendly and spooky and I enjoyed his character. Although I do think that bits of the climax were a bit rushed especially considering all the time spent on the build up. But in the end I found the entire story to be believable and complete. The ending was satisfying and I gave a happy sigh after I read the final words. This is a book that I am glad to have read, one that I will re-read at some point and feel good about recommending it to everyone. As a fairy tale, Entwined is suitable for people of all ages and I think there is something for everyone in this story. This was a first book for Dixon and I know that I am already eager to see what she comes up with next.