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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Behind the Blogger: Tackling the Review Backlog

Posted by Irish in Behind the Blogger1 Comment


Hello Readers!

How are you on this fine and glorious day…or at least I hope that its fine and glorious…up until a few days ago its been rainy and dreary here in Massachusetts but the sun (and Spring!) seem to be making an appearance! With Spring I’ll be trying to do a little Spring Cleaning here on the blog, cleaning up tags and updating post format on my pre-wordpress posts. But first I want to try and tackle my review backlog because let me tell you, I am drowning!

The trouble with taking an unexpected blog hiatus is that those reviews start to pile up as I most certainly did not stop reading! And now I have all these books that I want to talk about but feel completely overwhelmed when I sit down at my laptop to write them. This leads me to closing my laptop and picking up a book and so the cycle perpetuates.

During my hiatus, I’ve tried to come up with a new way to review books and while I’m still pondering that I would like to start tackling the backlog and get back into the blogging grove. I currently have 66 books that I can review. I may not review all of those books formally but there are many that I would like to talk about in some form. So, I was thinking of doing a series of Fast Five mini-review posts (providing I can figure out how to review multiple books in UBB) in order to start whittling this number down.

Anywho….this is the plan. Lets see how well I am able to stick with the plan. Until I get caught up I do plan to keep pondering review post ideas, maybe use more gifs and/or incorporate youtube videos, or something…just need something to make it all see fresh again. Ten years of blogging is a long time and the fatigue its weighs down on me. With luck though, if I can do 3 Fast Five posts a week then I should be all caught up in just over a month. Which will hopefully be enough time to figure out a new review format.