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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: You Make Me by Erin McCarthy

Posted by Irish in 1 Star, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: You Make Me by Erin McCarthyYou Make Me by Erin McCarthy
Series: Blurred Lines,
Published by Self-Published on 17 April 2014
Genres: Adaptation, Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Friendship, Love & Romance, New Adult, Social Issues
Pages: 289
Source: Purchased
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Place(s) Traveled To: Orono, Maine // Vinalhaven, Maine

First Line(s): Heath said he would never leave me.

To say that I had issues with YOU MAKE ME by Erin McCarthy is an understatement. About the only good thing that I can say for this book is that I finished it and I’m not even sure how I managed to do that. While YOU MAKE ME is filled with McCarthy’s usual good writing the plot and the characters were just things of frustration. The main characters, Heath and Caitlyn, are ones that I’m not entirely sure deserved a happily ever after. Which is almost a sacrilege to say when talking about a romance novel. And while I wanted them to be happy I just don’t think that they were meant to be happy with each other.

Cat and Heath were childhood sweethearts and they shared a wonderful summer together when they were 16/18 years old and then Heath just dropped off the planet without a word. For four years. During that time Cat went away to school, grew up and moved on with her life and getting engaged on the very night that Heath drops back into life. There is no real explanations and Cat forgives very easily and its not long before she’s conflicted and pretty much cheating on her boyfriend of several years.

These characters are all pretty dysfunctional and I later learned that YOU MAKE ME is a modern adaptation of WUTHERING HEIGHTS, a book I read in high school and hated for so many reasons. So its no real surprise to me that I did not enjoy YOU MAKE ME. Its really hard for me to put into words just what I didn’t like until I stumbled on THIS REVIEW from Dear Author who says everything that I’ve been trying to put a finger on and she does it so very well! (Seriously if ever I was to steal a review, this would be the one.)

All these characters are deeply flawed and yet they also felt really superficial. Like they were all living on the surface and just going through the motions. They had no depth or life in them and I felt no chemistry between Cat and either of her love interests. This whole book was very flat and lacked personality. The only emotions it made me feel were ones in which I wanted to toss my ereader against the wall. Hard. And if I’d read a physical book I would have done so. I have read and enjoyed several other books by Erin McCarthy but I think for my own sanity I am going to stay away from other books in this series.

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People who liked this book better than I did:

2 Book Lovers Reviews – “There is a ton of turmoil in this book and that is exactly what I like! This is not an easy love story where everything is cut and dry. The characters are flawed and their emotions are real. Call me a sucker for punishment, but I appreciate a story that can tear at my heart.”

Bec’s Books – “Ultimately, this story is a second chance romance of two people reconnecting to find that their fate is to be together. Cat is real. She is so confused about her life and what she wants. Her moments of breakdown felt raw and genuine.”