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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review: Need Me by Tessa Bailey

Posted by Irish in 1 Star, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: Need Me by Tessa BaileyNeed Me Series: Broke and Beautiful, Book 2
Also in this series: Chase Me, Make Me
Published by Avon on 21 April 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Friendship, Love & Romance, New Adult, Parents, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
Pages: 288
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss
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Place(s) Traveled To: New York, New York // Bloomfield, Kentucky

First Line(s): When choosing the perfect panties for a seduction, one couldn’t be too selective.


Sometimes a book will work for you and other times you will be amazed that you finished a book at all. NEED ME by Tessa Bailey is one of those books that I was surprised that I finished. For me, it was terrible and cringe worthy and just filled with some many WTF moments. First off, you have the two main leads who are both the BFFs of the main characters in CHASE ME (my review) and we are supposed to suspend belief that this couple hasn’t met. Or really knows anything about the other despite fact that now that the first couple is a couple their lives and their friends lives are totally intertwined. There was set up in CHASE ME for all that comes in MAKE ME the final book so this just rang untrue.

Then there is just the personality. Ben is a young professor, only a couple of years older than Honey, but if you miss all those many references you would think that he is far far older. He acts so much older and he also acts like a total a$$hole when it comes to his students. With the exception of Honey who he calls his Lolita and lusts after. The whole Lolita thing was just creepy and that wasn’t the only creepy thing Ben did he was also overly possessive and his sexy talk was just creepy. I don’t have any other word for it. Ben creeped me out and I don’t get what Honey saw in him other than he was “hot.”

Need Me Quote

There is a forbidden aspect to NEED ME as Ben is Honey’s professor but they make it seem like the very world will end if anyone finds out about their attraction. Whereas if she just dropped the class or they waited until she was done with the course things would be easier. But no, Ben goes and writes a letter saying Honey is acting inappropriately making unwanted advances and while he doesn’t send it a colleague finds it and does. Then in the rapid succession she’s kicked out of college….mind you there is no hearing or investigation and a letter sent to her parents house that must have been overnighted because Ben has said colleague take over his classes on a Tuesday say so he can stalk follow Honey to her home town and the letter arrives the next day. Um….I’ve never seen a college administration move so fast.

Then there is the whole crazy boring baseball FIELD OF DREAMS things and just ugh. I seriously wanted to through this book across the room on multiple occasions. The language was so different from CHASE ME and it was just not a fun romance. There was no chemistry between Ben or Honey and events gave me whiplash as things moved from one extreme to another and the ending?? My stars it was just implausible and too tied up in a perfect red bow. There were no consequences for anything and everyone just skips off into the sunset. I really should have listened to a friend and just skipped this one. The only real positive thing that I can say for it is that it was a quick read but that’s about it.




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Fiction Fare – “So among the reason that you should read this… because there are many, but the best one in my opinion is that Tessa Bailey writes amazing chemistry. From the very beginning I was drawn to Honey & Ben… I mean who hasn’t had that forbidden teacher fantasy… (only me? Okay… LOL) What I loved about Ben here was that before he even knew who Honey was, and what she looked like, he was falling for her words.”

Bows & Bullets Reviews – “It is a very fast read. It has that addictive quality that makes you want to keep reading. You just have to know what happens next, even when the characters are rubbing you the wrong way.”

Will Read for Feels – “With this being a Tessa Bailey book, you can already expect the dirty talk in the steamy scenes, the swoon-worthy romance, and the well-deserved HEA. But this time around, Tessa brings the big guns in this book. She turned a sensitive concept into a winning story that got me completely sold! She’s definitely upped her game this time around.”