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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Inspiring Quotes

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Graphic made by David at From My Bookshelf

Graphic made by David at From My Bookshelf


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish this weeks topic is about our favorite inspirational quotes. If there’s one thing that I love more than books its quotes. I adore quotes and am always jotting them down in a notebook, an email, in my phone, or via goodreads. I stumble on random scraps of paper all the time with a quote that I read, overheard or saw somewhere all the time. I have notebooks filled with them and if you’ve been paying attention to my instagram and my recent reviews then you’ll see quotes there too. I’ve even started to use quote graphics with my Top Ten Tuesday posts…so to have a whole TTT post dedicated to quotes I was ecstatic and then I went into panic mode, how can I choose just 10??? That’s impossible. To help narrow things down a smiggin I’ve decided not to use any preexisting quote graphics that I’ve made.  This still left a lot of options but here are the first ten that jumped out at me from all those random storage places I mentioned above.

Seventh Gate Quote

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I paraphrased this one in my high school yearbook quote. The full text is below:

We each have within ourselves the ability to shape our own destinies. That much we understand. But, more important, each of us has an equal ability to shape the destiny of the universe. Ah, that you find more difficult to believe. But I tell you it is so. You do not have to be the leader of the Council. You do not have to be king or monarch or the head of a clan to have a significant impact on the world around you.

In the vastness of the ocean, is any drop of water greater than another?

No, you answer, and neither has a single drop the ability to cause a tidal wave.

But, I argue, if a single drop falls into the ocean, it creates ripples. And these ripples spread. And perhaps – who knows – these ripples may grow and swell and eventually break foaming upon the shore.

Like a drop in the vast ocean, each of us causes ripples as we move through our lives. The effects of whatever we do – insignificant as it may seem – spread out beyond us. We may never know what far-reaching impact even the simplest action might have on our fellow mortals. Thus we need to be conscious, all of the time, of our place in the ocean, of our place in the world, of our place among our fellow creatures.

For if enough of us join forces, we can swell the tide of events – for good or for evil.

~ Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, The Seventh Gate (Goodreads)

Demon Lord of Karanda Quote

The Belgariad/Mallorean series by David Eddings are some of my favorite books. This quote is from of of my favorite characters in the series called Silk, who is often quoted as saying “Trust me” which sends fear into the hearts of those that know him. Oh Silk, such a fun character.



Do yourself a favor and google quotes from H. Jackson Brown Jr. he has some truly inspiring words that it was hard to choose just one to list here.


Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most amazing people that I’ve never had the privilege to know. I’ve read a lot about here and she never ceases to amaze.

friendship-is-born-at-that-moment-when-one-man-says-to-another-what-you-too-i-thought-that-no-one_600x315_55015 Some Girls Are Quote

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God Shaped Hole Quote

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daughter of smoke and bone quote

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breathe annie breathe quote

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