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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Audio Review: Not in the Script by Amy Finnegan

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Audio Review: Not in the Script by Amy FinneganNot in the Script by Amy Finnegan
Narrator: Vanessa Johansson
Series: If Only,
Published by Bloomsbury on 07 October 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friendship, Girls & Women, Love & Romance, Movie Stars, Parents, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Young Adult
Length: 10 hours 36 minutes
Format: Audiobook
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Places Traveled To: Fayetteville, Arkansas // Tucson, Arizona // Los Angeles, California // Phoenix, Arizona

First Line(s): “Celebrity Seeker claims that I’m dating Troy again,” I say as I skim the pages of the gossip magazine.

Not in the Script is the debut novel of Amy Finnegan and the third installment in Bloomsbury’s If Only Series. This story focuses on a group of young actors who are pulled together to film a tv show in Arizona and is told from the perspective of Emma and Jake, two of the stars. Normally I really love alternating perspectives in a book because I love to know what the other person is thinking but in this instance I didn’t love it as much as I normally would. This was because there was only one narrator used for the entire book and while Vanessa Johansson was a good narrator I really really really wish that a male narrator was employed for Jake’s POV chapters. Listening to the audio it was sometimes hard to tell which POV perspective that I was in and Johansson didn’t have a ton of distinction with her voices. There was enough to tell who was who once I got used to her style but things would have just been better all around if there was a male narrator in the mix especially since there was such a clear distinction between the two different POVs.

Other than my issue with the narration I did really enjoy this story. I enjoyed the budding romance between Jake and Emma and even liked her interactions with her two other co-stars, Brent and Kimmi. Though I could have done without the initial love triangle aspect because since one of the guys didn’t get a POV chapter you pretty much know who Emma is going to end up with. Another character that features promenantly is Emma’s BFF Rachel and like so many BFFs in young adult books Rachel isn’t much of a friend to Emma. Rachel is bitter and jealous and all sorts of passive aggressive all because Emma became a star and she hasn’t when its something that she wants more than anything. This is a sour friendship and I don’t see why Emma puts up with Rachel’s antics other than the fact that Emma is super nice and Rachel is a link to who she was before she became a big star. If there was a character that I wanted to smack in this book than it was Rachel even Emma’s terrible mother would get a pass over my very strong dislike towards Rachel. *hulk smash*

Not in the Script Quote

My dislike of Rachel aside, I did really like Emma’s character there were all sorts of ways that this girl could have become snobby, shallow and elitist because she entered Hollywood at such a young age. Instead she was genuinely nice and down to earth and cared about those around her. She not only worked a full time job since she was in elementary school but she also finished high school and worked in college classes where she could. She could have coasted on her salary but Emma is the sort of girl who always wants more and knows that she might not want to be a Hollywood A-lister forever. Which is why she and Jake make such a good match

Overall, Not in the Script, was a really cute read and one that has me on the hunt for read-a-likes. If I’d read the print version over the audio than I probably would have read it in just a day or two. Its a great book for when you need something light and not too serious and is just one of those feel good reads.


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