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Friday, November 7, 2014

Review: Blitzing Emily by Julie Brannagh

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Review: Blitzing Emily by Julie BrannaghBlitzing Emily by Julie Brannagh
Series: Love and Football,
Also in this series: Rushing Amy, Catching Cameron, Covering Kendall
Published by Avon on 07 January 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friendship, Girls & Women, Sports & Athletics
Pages: 496
Format: eBook
Source: Library
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Also by this author: Rushing Amy, Catching Cameron, Covering Kendall

Place(s) Traveled To: Seattle, Washington // Redmond, Washington // Kirkland, Washington // Leavenworth, Washington

First Line(s): Emily Hamilton planned to kill her sister. She just had to figure out where to hide the body.

Blitizing Emily by Julie Brannagh is the start of an adult contemporary romance series that involve a fictional football team based in Seattle, Washington. The first book centers around Emily, a rising star in the opera word and Brandon who is one of the star players on the Seattle Sharks. Their meet/cute is nothing short of adorable and its quickly followed by a hospital visit and a misunderstanding that leads to the media thinking that they are engaged. As Brandon is trying to change his image from playboy to serious he somehow manages to convince Emily to play along for a month.

What follows is a cute romance that I read in just a few hours enjoying most every minute of the ride. I liked the chemistry between Emily and Brandon and loved how Brannagh wrote their story. Well, other than the pointless breakup and the whole lack of communication that could have settled so many problems. I also got a bit frustrated with Emily’s sister Amy who couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it and just some other things that rubbed me the wrong way. There were moments in the story that made me sigh with frustration but then there were also those moments that make my heart ache and just give me all those wonderful happy/sad type feels.

Blitzing Emily isn’t a perfect book and there were some continuity errors and other issues that kept me from totally falling head over heels with it. But overall this was just the right book for me at the time I read it. It hit all those notes that I love in a book even while it contained some things I didn’t like. I liked how Brannagh managed to write a story with a football star and an opera diva, people from such opposite spectrums of fame, and make it work. I adored Brandon’s character and just loved all of his moments with Emily. Blitzing Emily was a fun, fast read and its one that I’d recommend to all who love a cute, sports themed romance and who are in need of a light and fluffy distraction. I enjoyed this one and will be looking out for Brannagh’s other titles too.





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