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Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle

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Review: Famous in Love by Rebecca SerleFamous in Love by Rebecca Serle
Series: Famous in Love,
Published by Poppy on 21 October 2014
Genres: Adolescence, Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Friends to Lovers, Friendship, Love & Romance, Movie Stars, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Young Adult
Pages: 336
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Places Traveled To: Portland, Oregon // Maui, Hawaii

First Line(s): “You’re famous, Patrick.” Jake winks at me, I roll my eyes.

In Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle, Paige Thompson is living the dream. She’s a regular girl like you and me who has a love of acting and she somehow manages to get chosen as the lead role in a book to movie series adaptation (think Twilight-style series). She’s over the moon at this and then also realizes that she should probably read the books because while her BFF is crazy obsessed with them she has always had better things to do than read.  Cut from her normal homelife to moving to Hawaii to start filming and there she meets her co-star, Rainer, a Hollywood heart-throb who is just a couple of years older than her and who befriends her and falls for her all in short order. All while she thinks he can’t possible fall for a girl like her as she’s awkward and young and keeps messing up her big chance. Then just as she starts to tell herself that she likes Rainer too, Jordan Wilder comes to set. The bad boy of Hollywood and someone who antagonizes Paige and sets her on edge. Queue to one of my least favorite tropes, the love triangle.

Though calling what happens in Famous in Love a love triangle is a bit of a stretch because even though the story is told in a first-person stream of conscious way the story stays very much on the surface of things. Its very superficial and you never really get to know who Paige is or why she makes the choices she does. I also firmly believe that one person can’t be in romantic love with two different people at the same time and also found it really hard to buy into Paige’s feelings for Jordan as she barely spent any time with him. And what time she did spend was usually with him being a condescending ass and them getting into an argument. I also don’t buy that ending and feel that it was very unfair to all the characters involved….again its just so superficial and blah.

For me, it seemed like there were a lot of things glossed over in Famous in Love and it never really gave me the heart-achey feels that I love. I never felt any tension between Paige and her love interests, Rainer and Jordan. I just don’t see what it was about her that they fell for. Its as if the idea of her, this fresh-faced unknown was more of a draw to them than who she was. Because Paige never came across as a real 3D person, she was very superficial and often clueless to the things going on around her. As a friend she kind of failed and I don’t blame her BFF for getting all mad at her. I know that I wanted to shake her several times during my read of this book.

I also found Famous in Love to be pretty inconsistent, there were some continuity errors (though these might have been corrected from ARC to final) and just all over the place most of the time. Its a quick read and once I managed to really focus on it one that I read it in a day but its one that just doesn’t do much for me. I also have no clue how Serle can make this into a trilogy. I know that the book/movie series that Paige is staring in is a trilogy and so this series may follow that but if the entire series is going to be Paige flip flopping between Rainer and Jordan than count me out. I don’t have it in me to deal with a love triangle over three books. I just don’t. Especially one that ends as crazily and unfairly as the one in this story. I just don’t buy the ending, not at all. And really don’t see how it works for any of the parties involved. For me, Famous in Love was just an ok read but its definitely not one that I’d recommend anyone rush out to read.


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