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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

Posted by Irish in Misc8 Comments


I’ve been hearing a lot about Stitch Fix recently from various friends and so thought that I would try it out for myself. I got my first box recently and here is what I got:

sf 4

This is the stack of items fresh out of the box and I was excited to dive in as the colors were all me.

sf 3

The first item was this silver Marlyn Schiff rhinestone teardrop pendant necklace and while I like necklaces, especially silver ones, I knew that this wasn’t something that I was going to keep. This just wasn’t a necklace that I could wear every day and at the price of $42 it was just too much to sit on my dresser 90% of the time.

SF Collage


Next up I decided to pair up three items even though I knew immediately that I wasn’t going to keep the white Daniel Rainn sleeveless blouse. I am not a fan of sleeveless shirts that coupled with the see-through lace applicay (which should way too much) it just wasn’t my style at all. And since it was so low cut and see-through that I would have to wear a tank top underneath which made the $68 price tag a bit too much for me. But I still though that I would try it on along with the coral Splendid tab-sleeve cardigan ($78) and Mavi Frieda skinny jean ($118).

sf Collage 2

I take crap photos but the overall look wasn’t bad and I liked the coral cardigan and jeans and so I put them both into my maybe pile. With the cardigan I liked how you could change the length of the sleeve with the tab sleeve which would increase its styling options. I also think that it would would well with a nice belt but I don’t have a photo of that as I thought of it later.


sf 11

 Finally there was the item that I most liked when pulling the items out of the box as I love the color grey, stripes and it was just so soft. This was a Pomelo stripped heathered dolman top ($48) and the most affordable thing in the box. But when I tried it on the sleeves were a little tight on the lower part of my arm and there was just too much material under the armpit and it felt a bit constricting even though there was excess.


sf 12


In the end I just found it unflattering and put this in the no pile. Though even if I had feel in love with it I think it would have ended up there as I noticed this loose thread on the sleeve and so would have returned it for that.


sf 13


I then went back to the two items in my maybe pile and decided to put back the coral cardigan as I didn’t like it enough to spend $78 on it. Which left the Mavi jeans which I debated on for a good long while. The price was higher than I’d normally spend on a pair of jeans. I hemmed and hawed on them and then decided to sleep on the issue trying them on again the next morning. In the end I decided to


keep the jeans. And there you have it…my first Stitch Fix experience. I enjoyed it and I’ve already signed up for my next book which I’ve scheduled for July. Overall it was a fun thing to do and I look forward to seeing what comes for me next.


8 Responses to “Stitch Fix #1”

    • Irish


      And I used to have a lot of things that Coral color…then I gained weight and haven’t bought a ton of new things to replace all the things that do not fit any more.

    • Irish

      I pushed mine back a couple of time for various reasons and now they are getting busier so my next one won’t be until July. But I am looking forward to it. I hope that you like what you get! =)

  1. Jenn Lawrence

    I’m glad you enjoyed the experience! It usually takes the stylist a few tries to get your style right. I plan on doing a fix once a month or so, just often enough to get something new in my wardrobe.
    Jenn Lawrence recently posted…A Month in Review: April 2014

    • Irish

      Right now I might try a new book every other month or so and see how it goes. My wardrobe needs the facelift and its nice having the items get sent to me.