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Monday, April 7, 2014

Review: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Posted by Irish in 5 Stars, Review, Young Adult2 Comments

Review: Open Road Summer by Emery LordOpen Road Summer by Emery Lord
Published by Walker on 15 April 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Friendship, Love & Romance, Music & Musicians, Performing Arts, Road Trip, Social Issues, Young Adult
Pages: 336
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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Place(s) Traveled To: Nashville, Tennessee // Charlotte, North Carolina //Richmond, Virginia // Charleston, South Carolina // Little Rock, Arkansas // Wichita, Kansas // Los Angeles, California // Shreveport, Louisiana // Jackson, Mississippi // Mobile, Alabama // Knoxville, Tennessee // New York, New York // Baltimore, Maryland // Cincinnati, Ohio

First Line(s): The fans scream for her, but they don’t really know the girl on the magazine covers – the girl with the guitar and the easy smile.

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord wasn’t a book on my radar until it was sent to me when I made a request for another book and once I read the back I knew that this would be a book for me. Once I read the words road trip I knew that I had to read it because everyone knows what a sucker I am for the road trip novel. Open Road Summer didn’t disappoint in this either and every chapter begins with a place name letting the read know roughly where they are in the US. The story itself follows Reagan and her BFF Dee, who is better known to the world as Lilah an up and coming country music star. Reagan and Dee are both getting out of relationships and while it was a good choice for Reagan, Dee is devastated. The reasons for both become clear as you read the story and your heart will ache for Dee. Along the way some bad publicity threatens to overshadow Dee’s tour so in comes Matt Finch, former boy band star who is going solo, and a perfect match for Dee. At least, on the surface.

Once I started Open Road Summer I couldn’t put it down and I read it in a single sitting, on Valentine’s day no less. I feel hard for this book and I loved the relationship between Dee and Reagan. So often in books the main character has a best friend who really isn’t a friend at all. They are mean and hateful and when the going gets tough they ditch their friend and are never there when they need them. That isn’t the case with Dee and Reagan. They are true friends and while they do have their ups and downs you know that their friendship is the lasting kind. Especially since Reagan isn’t always the easiest person to get along with. I also really loved how Matt fit into their group and how his relationship with Reagan. It was real and heartachey and just makes you feel all the feels.

There is so much to love about Open Road Summer its hard to put it all into words. Its a book that is really well written and its hard to believe that this is Emery Lord’s debut novel. Its a book that reminds me of favorite authors like Morgan Matson, Tiffany Schmidt, and Trish Doller. Open Road Summer is so very real and I hated for it to end. I hated that I read this months before its release because its going to be all the longer before there is another Emery Lord book in the word. Its a book that I know I’ll re-read again and again and bully others to read it as well. But there is something magical about reading an unexpected gem for the first time and Open Road Summer hits all those right notes.

Open Road Summer is a book that everyone needs to have on their radar as I think there is something in it for everyone. Its a road trip book, a contemporary story, a book about friendship, and falling in love. Its a book that will make you laugh and hurt your heart and then put all the pieces back together again. Love just isn’t a big enough word for my feelings on this book.



2 Responses to “Review: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord”

  1. Vivien

    YAY!!!! I’m so excited you loved this one. I’ve been keeping my eye out for that contemporary that was going to blow reviewers away. They really are some of my favorite to read. Anytime. Glad this was excellent for you. Adding to my immediate wishlist 🙂

  2. Antonia

    I am planning to read this one, everyone is raving about it. I glad you have been one of those people. :)I haven`t read that many books that include road trips.