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Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman

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Review: Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars by Robert KirkmanSafety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman
Series: The Walking Dead,
Also in this series: The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, Miles Behind Us
Published by Image Comics on 18 June 2005
Genres: Action & Adventure, Adult, Death & Dying, Diseases, Dystopian, Emotions & Feelings, Graphic Novel
Pages: 136
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
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Also by this author: The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, Miles Behind Us

Place(s) Traveled To: Prison outside of Atlanta, Georgia

First Line(s): Please tell me that’s the LAST time we’re all going to have to pack into THAT thing.

I always walk into a new volume of The Walking Dead graphic novel with mixed emotions and Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman is no exception. Safety Behind Bars is the third volume of the series and brings our group of survivors to the prison which features in most of Season 3 of the show. As with previous installments its always weird to see characters as already part of the group and with different lives and stories to how I know them on the show. Tyrese for example with his daughter and her boyfriend and Hershel with younger daughters in addition to Maggie and Beth. Its strange seeing similar and yet different events unfold and its hard to mesh these two alternate worlds in my brain. I always try to separate the books from the show but its hard coming into the books second and knowing what I know from the show first.

Just like the show though there are lots of intense moments in Safety Behind Bars and some I could have done without. No one needs to see non-zombie heads getting chopped off…ick…and I can see why those scenes in particular didn’t make it onto the show. There is drama enough without it but just think of how crazy intense those would have been to film!!

Overall, I do like the visuals of the artwork in Safety Behind Bars though it seemed like the drawings of Glenn and Maggie changed drastically about half way through the book. I thought they were different people at first and was wondering where they came from until their names were used in the story. The graphic novel format makes Safety Behind Bars a quick read and I did enjoy it. I am just not as big a fan of the comics as I am of the show. Its just easier to fall in love with the realism of tv over the two-dimensional world of the comics.