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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Review: Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us by Robert Kirkman

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Review: Walking Dead – Miles Behind Us by Robert KirkmanMiles Behind Us by Robert Kirkman
Series: The Walking Dead,
Also in this series: The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, Safety Behind Bars
Published by Image Comics on 24 November 2004
Genres: Action & Adventure, Adult, Death & Dying, Dystopian, Friendship, Graphic Novel, Social Issues, Survival Stories, Suspense
Pages: 136
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
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Also by this author: The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, Safety Behind Bars

Place(s) Traveled To: Atlanta, Georgia

First Line(s): Lori?

I have to admit that I started and stopped Miles Behind Us by Robert Kirkman several times before I actually sat down to read it. Part of that was due to the fact that it does a quick jump back in past and I kept getting confused thinking I’d already read that one. But then once I sat down and forced myself to read past the first few pages things went back to where things left off in Days Gone Byeand the story really picked up in pace. Though reading the comics after knowing what I do of the tv show still does hurt my brain a little.

After all I already know some of these characters and their fates although at the same time there are enough differences that I don’t really know them at all. In Miles Behind Us we go to the farm, which made up all of Season 2 of The Walking Dead but just one thin volume of the comic installment. Events happened really fast and as with the first book I really miss my pal Daryl. There was also a lot less suspense than in the show as Hershel and the others were more open about what was in the barn so that whole thing was a bit anti-climatic.

Despite all the difference though, and the early addition of some characters I did like this one better than the first comic installment. Even though the characters aren’t quite the same I am getting to know these versions of them a little better and coming to like them. No matter how much I want them to be their tv counterparts I do have to accept who they are as they were originally drawn.

The drawings in Miles Behind Us are simple black and white images done by Charlie Adlard but they do manage to convey a lot to the plot. They add some depth and emotion that might otherwise be missing. I don’t like the comics as much as the show but I will probably continue to keep reading it.