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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Tattoo Thief by Heidi Joy Tretheway

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Review: Tattoo Thief by Heidi Joy TrethewayTattoo Thief by Heidi Joy Tretheway
Series: Tattoo Thief,
Also in this series: Tyler & Stella, Revenge Bound, Say it Louder
Published by Self-Published on 08 October 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dating & Sex, Love & Romance, Music & Musicians, New Adult
Pages: 300
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
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Also by this author: Tyler & Stella, Revenge Bound, Say it Louder

Place(s) Traveled To: Eugene, Oregon // New York, New York

First Line(s): When failure rubs its stinky butt in your face, it smells like coffee.

Tattoo Thief by Heidi Joy Tretheway came across my path when I saw a blog tour announcement for the second book in the series, Tyler & Stella. I liked the sound of that book and so decided to check this one out to see what this world was all about. Tattoo Thief is told from the POV of Beryl a recent college graduate who thinks that her life is this big horrible, tragic mess because she hated her chosen career path and so quit and is now managing a Starbucks. At the ripe old age of 24 she feels she’s a terrible failure and that she’ll never amount to anything. Cue major eye rolling at the initial mental hysterics from our heroine. But wouldn’t you know, just as she thinks life is over in drops her long lost pseudo-Uncle who offers her a job in New York City with lots of potential and adventure in the big city where her BFF already lives and who is in need of a roommate. Its all so very fairy tale-ish and there were many sighs on my part.

While life in the Big Apple isn’t quite what Beryl expected, especially since her BFF doesn’t actually have a room to let and our MC feels like a total country bumpkin. But pseudo-Uncle saves the day again by saying that he always wanted to expand his property management company to include house sitters and wouldn’t you know it there is a place that needs someone to look after it and take care of the owners dog too. Soon Beryl is living the high life in a penthouse apartment belonging to the MIA lead singer of one of the most popular bands in the world as well as initiating a correspondence with him as he deals with some issues that caused him to flee the city in the first place.

Tattoo Thief isn’t like most romances where the hero and heroine have lots of face to face time, Beryl and Gavin don’t actually meet in person until almost the end of the book. Up until then their interaction was through emails and IMs – most of which Gavin would leave abruptly because Beryl would call him on his sh!t and he didn’t like that. As such I found their romance a bit hard to believe. I know that people meet on-line all the time and do find last love but there was just something about this one that didn’t ring true. Friendship, yes, that I can believe but ever-lasting love? Not so much.

The big climax, almost break up scene, at the end was also a bit rushed and really felt incomplete. Gavin and Beryl are quick to believe the worst of each other but they are even quicker to drop all that and move on to reconciliation. It all happened in a blink and almost gave me whiplash. The fight that Beryl had with Stella was equally quick and never rang true. I felt like there was a lot that happened in the end that was cut out of the story and so it just seemed as though there were pieces missing. I also hated the very very end where all of a sudden Beryl is talking directly too the reader, giving a crazy hint at something dark and mysterious in Stella’s past but nothing can be said as its her story and she’ll have to tell it. *sighs* I’m not a fan of cryptic announcements.

Overall, I wasn’t a huge fan of Tattoo Thief but I didn’t hate it either. It was decently written and a quick read. I didn’t mind spending my afternoon on it. I just wish that the ending could have been beefed up a bit and that I liked the MC more. I am curious enough to continue this series though and see where it all goes. After all, its hard to resist those rock stars.