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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Until We Burn by Courtney Cole

Posted by Irish in 2 Stars, New Adult, Review0 Comments

Review: Until We Burn by Courtney ColeUntil We Burn by Courtney Cole
Series: ,
Published by Self-Published on 21 November 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romance, Short Story / Novella
Pages: 84
Format: eBook
Source: Wattpad
Also by this author: If You Leave, Until We Fly

Place(s): Traveled To: Los Angeles, California // London, England // Amsterdam, The Netherlands

First Line(s): “Harder,” the girl whispers.

Until We Burn by Courtney Cole is a prequel story to introduce the anti-hero of the third book in her Beautifully Broken series, Dominic Kincade. Dominic is one of the biggest Hollywood stars and as such has most anything he wants handed to him on a silver platter. But instead of enjoying his fame his is mean tempered and jaded and all at the ripe old age of 24. He’s an asshole of the highest order and there is very little that is redeemable to him in this novella.

Until We Burn is almost a series of little short stories all trying to act as one novella. Each chapter is the blink of a new story and there isn’t much cohesion between them. Just when things start to get interesting the chapter ends and the next chapter will start after a gap in time has elapsed. And only occasionally do we get a dry recap of what happened in that gap. All the characters that we are introduced to are unlikable and horrible flawed and Dominic seems to take joy in being disappointed in those around him. Even as he condemns them for their flaws or takes them for all he can.

Another thing that really bothered me about Until We Burn is this mysterious past of Dominic’s which involves the only girl he’s every loved and then somehow lost. The event that caused him to shut his heart to all feelings when he was just 18. *insert eye roll here* Until We Burn was supposed to get me excited for Before We Fall but after reading this story I’m not sure if I want to read an entire book with Dominic Kincade as the main character. He’s just that unlikable.