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Friday, January 24, 2014

Movie Thoughts: Frozen

Posted by Irish in 5 Stars, Movie Thoughts, Review0 Comments

FrozenTitle: Frozen ()
Tag Line: NA
Release Date: 27 November 2013
Rating: PG
Runtime: 102 min
Genres: Adventure | Animation | Comedy
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Where Seen: Theater
Production Company:
Distributed By: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Writer(s): Jennifer Lee (screenplay), Hans Christian Andersen (story “The Snow Queen”, (story), Shane Morris (story)
Stars: (Anna), (Elsa), (Kristoff), (Olaf), (Hans),

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

From the moment I first heard about Frozen I wasn’t sure about it and when I saw the previews I was even less sure. It just didn’t seem like a movie I would like and so I just put it out of my mind and thought that was that. But then it was released in theaters and all my social media and real life seemed to be abuzz with people talking about Frozen. There were those who were seeing it multiple times and quoting favorite phrases and talking incessantly about the soundtrack. With all the chatter from people of all ages and tastes in movies I began to grow more curious about this movie.

Then this past weekend I went to go see it with a friend and I learned what all the fuzz was about. I was drawn into the magic of the story with its catchy tunes, its story that was about so many things, and then that twist followed by another and I was hooked. I left the theater humming songs and then found myself downloading the soundtrack along with the urge to see the movie again and again. Seriously, its like an itch I can’t scratch but so far I have resisted.

Frozen is a lot like Brave (my review) in that its less about being a love story and more about family. Yes, Anna is desperate to find love but I think she was looking for any kind of love as she was isolated for most of her life. This left her a bit naive and probably read a lot of books about how wonderful love is so I loved her innocence at the start of the movie. I loved how hopeful she was and her excitement at meeting new people was contagious. I also loved how there was no real villain in this movie. Elsa wasn’t evil she was just misunderstood and that was partly because she was never allowed to be herself.

For most of her life Elsa was made to feel ashamed of her ability and because of an accident that happened when she and Anna were children. If her parents had allowed her to be more open about her powers then there may not have been as much shock and horror from visiting officials. Yes there would have been those that didn’t understand but they may not have have much support as a mob mentality had taken effect when Elsa lost control.

Frozen isn’t just about the love of family though there is a romantic portion of it too and I like how in such a short film it was able to show different loves that people often experience. There is that first love, that instant connection and crush that has you flying high with your head filled of possibility. There is the agony of of losing someone you thought you loved and then there is finding that genuine connection with someone else. Knowing that you can move on from heartbreak and that there is more than one fish in the sea so to speak.

Frozen  is also another great addition to modern Disney showing girls that they are able to save not just themselves but those around them as well. Anna’s journey wasn’t for herself it was for her sister and I loved how it ended. I liked that Anna tried to do it on her own but when she realized she was in over her head she found someone to help her. It takes strength to admit to ones weaknesses after all. I also liked the comic relief in the movie. Anna had a lot of one liners but Olaf and Sven were the comedians of the movie. They were both fun and entertaining though I do wish that Sven was allowed to just be that silent character and not have Kristoff speak for him.

Speaking of Kirstoff I though he was very underused when it came to the songs. Its nice to have Disney focus on Elsa and Anna by Kristoff was voiced by the very talented Jonathan Groff and he only had one crappy song about reindeers. Overall, the songs in Frozen were a hit but there were several misses as well, the previously mentioned reindeer song and the fixer upper one both immediately come to mind. These are ones that I will most likely be skipping over when I listen to the soundtrack on repeat to get to the ones I liked as well as some of the ones that didn’t make the movie. Notably, We Know Better which you can listen to here:


Then there is the one that I wish was on the soundtrack as its just so beautiful, Let it Go in 25 languages:


My Recommendation: Worth seeing in movie theaters and buying the soundtrack and maybe seeing in the theater again.