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Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan

Posted by Irish in 3 Stars, Adult, Review4 Comments

Review: Saga by Brian K. VaughanSaga by Brian K. Vaughan
Series: Saga,
Published by Image Comics on 23 October 2012
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Place(s) Traveled To: Cleave // Landfall // Space

First Line(s): This is how an idea becomes real.

Not long ago on Twitter I started to hear a lot of a graphic novel called Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. The talk was enough for me to place a hold on it at the library and as its a graphic novel it was a pretty quick read. I was excited for this one based on what people were saying but in the end I was left a little underwhelmed by it all. The artwork of Saga is pretty amazing and I loved what Staples did with the story. The colors were all so vivid and this crazy complex world was really brought to life. I loved the visuals of it and if it had been a traditional print story I’m not sure that the images of how the people and the various worlds they were on would have come across.

The story, on the other hand, was just plain odd. I get that there were warring peoples and star-crossed lovers but the back story of it all wasn’t explained very well. Not the history of the war or why the two planets hated each other so. And the whole thing was just a bunch of characters running around trying to hide while others ran around trying to chase them. The whole story surrounds this child who is born of the two warring races and so embodies both of them. Both sides want the child for various reasons, and its assumed that they both want her dead. And yet, as the story is narrated by said child looking back over events the plot just lacks the tension it would have had if her eventual fate was unknown.

The sexual undertones of this graphic novel were also a bit off putting for me as well. I know that graphic novels are typically a thing read by guys but enough girls read them too and yet they always seem to be filled with bare breasted women. Then there was the whole sex planet side story line that really didn’t fit in with the main plot. It all just seems to belittle women and their roles and makes it seem as though they can never be the hero of a story.

I have the second volume on order at the library but I am debating on if I want to read it or not. There just wasn’t enough wow factor in this one.



4 Responses to “Review: Saga by Brian K. Vaughan”

  1. Vivien

    Interesting. I’m completely ok with sex. But I do agree, that it isn’t always necessary. Especially if it comes off really ‘odd’ feeling. I hate the odd vibe. It has the opposite effect on me.

    • Irish

      I’m fine with sex. But here the first intro to one of the MCs is her naked giving birth. One does not need to be naked to have a baby. And then there was that one assassin who was also naked up top. It was just unnecessary.