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Friday, December 13, 2013

Review: Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young

Posted by Irish in 2 Stars, New Adult, Review1 Comment

Review: Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha YoungUntil Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young
Series: On Dublin Street,
Also in this series: On Dublin Street
Published by Penguin Books on 18 June 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Novella
Pages: 111
Format: eBook
Source: Library
Also by this author: On Dublin Street

Place(s) Traveled To: Edinburgh, Scotland

First Line(s): It was always the same when you were looking for something amongst a big pile of some things – the something you were after was at the bottom of that big pile of some things.

Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young is a short little novella that tells the story of Ellie Carmichael and Adam Sutherland. Both of whom we first meet in the book On Dublin Street (my review). Ellie is Joss’s roommate and sister to Braden and Adam is Braden’s BFF. As we learn in On Dublin Street Ellie has had feelings for Adam for a very long time and all this is explored in Until Fountain Bridge as Ellie and Adam read over some of her old diary entries.

For me, there was nothing new in this story. Yes we get to see a bit more into Ellie and Adam’s past for the journal entries all just seemed a bit forced and lacked realism. Ellie was “in love” with Adam since she was 15 or so and he was many years older. And then it chronicles all the ways he unknowingly hurt her as he treated her more like a sister than in a romantic sense. The story would then flash to the present after each little snippet and Adam would be all overly sorry about the actions of his past self. Which was just all so cringe worthy at times.

As with most novellas Until Fountain Bridge is a quick read and its over before it really begins but where I’m normally saddened by this for other novellas…in this book I was glad when it ended. It just seemed to drag on and just didn’t give me any of those heart achy moments that I love. This is a novella I was glad to be able to read via my novella as I don’t think its worth the ebook price. I loved On Dublin Street and I am looking forward to getting to the second full book in the series, Down London Road. But as a whole I wish that I had skipped this one.



One Response to “Review: Until Fountain Bridge by Samantha Young”

  1. Vivien

    Somehow, I haven’t read this author yet. I feel so behind. Although you had issues with this, I’d be willing to give a novel a chance. Novellas can be hit or miss. So I try not to judge too harshly.