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Monday, October 14, 2013

Audio Review: Altered by Jennifer Rush

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, Audiobook, Review, Young Adult3 Comments

Audio Review: Altered by Jennifer RushAltered by Jennifer Rush
Narrator: Casey Holloway
Series: Altered,
Also in this series: Erased, Reborn, Forged + Betrayed
Published by Hachette Audio on 01 January 2013
Genres: Mystery & Detective, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Length: 7 hours 58 Minutes
Format: Audiobook
Also by this author: Erased, Reborn, Forged + Betrayed


Place(s) Traveled to: Trigger Creek, New York // Elk Hill, Pennsylvania // Lancaster, Ohio // Whittier, Michigan // Port Cadia, Michigan // Traverse City, Michigan // Can Marie, Michigan

First Line: For most of the last four years, I wasn’t allowed in the lab.

Altered Series Order:
Book 0.5 – Altered: The Beginning (03 Dec 2013)
Book 1 – Altered
Book 2 – Erased (07 January 2014)
Book 3 – assumed as many books are trilogies these days

I had never heard of Altered by Jennifer Rush until a blogger friend of mine started to talk about it. A lot. Not only did she talk a lot about Altered but she also kept telling me how I had to read it. As I was looking for a new audio it didn’t take a ton of convincing and I started to listen to it not long after I downloaded it to my iPod. I really liked the story of Altered the plot started off a bit slow but by the end I was on the edge of my seat wondering what new twists and turns would happen next.

I loved the mystery aspect of the whole story though did feel as though there was a whole chunk of story missing. What is the point of altering, not just these boys, but others? What were the alterations made and why? Just how old are they really? And its those questions and more that prevented me from falling head over heels in love with this story. Hopefully those are answers that will be coming in the next book or in the novella that will be coming in December. I am a huge fan of knowing the origins of these and think that those details only add to a story and ignoring them just takes enjoyment away from me.

Another part of the story I enjoyed were the characters. They just all really meshed well together, and while there are reasons for that, it was also a natural bonding and genuine friendship as well. I did think that at times the romance seemed a bit forced and almost wish that it wasn’t included at all. But it wasn’t over the top and never took away from the story. Its a slow build and no insta-love and not the focus of the book. The focus was on the main plot – the escape of the boys and the quest to learn who they were before all the crazy things that happened to them.

Another aspect of the story that was wanting with me was the narrator, Casey Holloway. She just read the story a little too slowly for me and reminded me about how William Shatner spoke in his role as Captain Kirk. It was very halting and I just wanted her to finish a sentence, even just one, without all these crazy pauses. Her voice also felt a bit young for Anna and her male voices could use some work as well. Holloway really seemed to talk even slower for Cas, Sam, Nick and Trev and there were times when they all blended together and I couldn’t always tell which of them were speaking.

If you are looking for a great new sci-fi-eske read then I recommend that you give Altered by Jennifer Rush a try. While I had issues with the audio, I think that this is a great story to read in print. The story is fast paced and one that I think will appeal to boys and girls even though its told from the perspective of Anna. This was a fun story and I am really looking forward to the sequel to see what happens next.


3 Responses to “Audio Review: Altered by Jennifer Rush”

  1. BookChic

    I absolutely loved this book too and cannot wait for the sequel! I also would like both of the covers in poster form on my bedroom wall, lol. Great review!! 🙂