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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: Everything For Us by M. Leighton

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Everything For Us by M. LeightonEverything For Us by M. Leighton
Series: The Bad Boys,
Also in this series: Down to You, Up to Me
Published by Berkley Books on 03 September 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mystery & Detective
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley
Also by this author: Down to You, Up to Me, Wild Child, Some Like it Wild


Place(s) Traveled to: Atlanta, Georgia // Salt Springs, Georgia // Savannah, Georgia

First Line:  It’s always the same. The dream starts out with the feeling of a weight being lifted from my arms.

Bad Boys Series Order
Book 1 – Down to You
Book 2 – Up to Me
Book 3 – Everything for Us

***This review will contain SPOILERS…read at your own risk***

My first thoughts when starting Everything For Us by M. Leighton, well the first thoughts after I asked myself a dozen or more times why I was reading this book, was where was the anger?? Marissa had been LIED to for years by Cash pretending to be Nash and she just shrugs and acts like its no big deal. I’m sorry but that is just not normal. Not by a long shot. I thought that Up to Me  was filled with WTF-ery but this one…this one takes the cake on so many levels. So Nash is mad at Cash for leading a dual life (as if masquerading as two people was a cake walk) when there seems to be no reason for it! If the two brothers where alive in the eyes of everyone why pretend that one was dead to essentially, one person: Cash. What was the point?

And I don’t see why Nash was forced into a criminal lifestyle. People enter witness protection every day and lead ordinary, hum drum lives when there are bad people out there who are actively looking for them to try to kill them. No one knew Nash was on the run…so he could have set up ship comfortably anywhere. It was pointless and just added fake drama to an already crazy and complicated story. That coupled with the fact that even though Cash and Nash are supposed to be identical twins people would still ask who Nash was when they met him while out with Marissa. It seemed they were only identical when it was convenient for the story and all other times they were totally different in looks.

I also found it super hard to swallow that after an experience of 36 hours Marissa completely and totally changed everything that made her who she was. Now granted, I think that readers may have been a bit misled about her in previous books as we only really saw her mentioned through Cash’s hate filled eyes. I re-read some of the scenes she was in and she wasn’t the complete & total cold bitch that Cash is always calling her. In fact, in Everything for Us, I think that Cash is the one who has the attitude problem. His treatment of her was uncalled for. Especially when you remember that he DATED her for YEARS! Yes, he was pretended to be his brother then but still.

Which leads me to remember the WTF-ery of a certain scene set in New Orleans. Which isn’t mentioned until about 1/2 way through the book and then its alluded too dozens of times and when it finally comes to light its just like….say what now?? It was just gross and uncalled for and yet its also the scene where Marissa says she fell in love with Nash even though she didn’t know it was the real Nash….but two seconds after she thinks that she is telling Nash she doesn’t want to see him again because of that scene. THEN she gets mad when he listens to her and leaves! Newsflash Marissa, you tell an anger filled loner to go and he is going to go.

I also found it baffling and a little humorous when Marissa got so pissed at Nash for going to a jewelry story that she packed up a back and left town. Really?? She kept saying how he’d lied, betrayed and humiliated her. FOR GOING TO A JEWELRY STORE WITHOUT TELLING HER. I just…I just can’t….this book seriously made my head hurt.

Then there is the mystery. The whole convoluted mob story that began at the end of the first book and then dragged through the second and for most of this book as well. I feared, really and truly feared, that things would not be wrapped up in this book because for a good 60% of the story no one did anything about it! It was all Marissa and Nash making googly eyes at each other, having sex, and moping about. When things did start to happen it was mostly off page and everything happened in rapid fire perfection and than BAM! it was done and there was nothing to worry about. I sear the whole thing almost gave me whiplash it happened so fast! I almost would have preferred a fourth book to that horrible execution.

And these are just the issues that I recall off the top of my head. I recorded well over 200 individual notes during my read of this book and for a 336 page novel that is a bit excessive. I am still a bit impressed that I managed to read this one through until the end. But sometimes you just get sucked into a train wreck book and you just can’t look away. I liked her other book, Wild Child, but this one….no…this series…is just bad bad bad. If your reading tastes in any way mirror mine than this is a series to avoid. I really wish I had.

And just one last time for the record….WTF is up with those stupid rhyming names…NASH AND CASH??? I just…ugh!

People who enjoyed this book more than I did:

Book Lovers For Life – Everything For Us didn’t disappoint. There was sweet and tender, there was sexy and thrilling, and there was action and suspense. Everything connected so smoothly, and the characters stand out so well.

Starbucks & Book Obession – Overall, I really enjoyed this entire series. I loved the mix of suspense and romance and the plowed flowed so well between all 3 books. I really liked that this book was a continuation of the first 2 but was written from a different perspective.

The Autumn Review –  Betrayal. Passion. Revenge. EVERYTHING FOR US was sexy, dramatic, and intense. This final book in the Bad Boys Series answered a lot of questions about Cash and Nash’s past and I was happy with the way the series wrapped up.