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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Lie to Me by Starr Ambrose

Posted by Irish in 3 Stars, Adult, Review2 Comments

Review: Lie to Me by Starr AmbroseLie to Me by Starr Ambrose
Series: Lie to Me,
Also in this series: Thieves Like Us
Published by Pocket Books on 25 November 2008
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mystery & Detective
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
Also by this author: Up in Flames, Thieves Like Us

Place(s) Traveled to: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

First Line(s): Eleanor Coggins paused before the three-foot-high hedge surrounding the dark patio.

Lie to Me Series Order
Book 1: Lie to Me
Book 2: Thieves Like Us

I wasn’t sure what to expect from  Lie to Me by Starr Ambrose I just knew that I had read and enjoyed her newest release, Up in Flames (my review).  The opening was cute and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Ellie and Jack. Things start off with a bang as Ellie breaks into the Westfield mansion trying to find clues that will link the owner, Banner, to the death of her BFF. She’s caught pretty quickly by Jack, Banner’s recently paroled half brother, who comes up with a crazy back story for her presence. And that leads to them working together to solve two mysteries all the while falling head of heels for the other.

I enjoyed the banter between Ellie and Jack and found their whirlwind relationship to be believable. Though Jack’s over the top brother, Banner, strained credulity. He was like so many villains in B-rated movies. Complete with barely logical motives and of course pontificating all the reasons why he had to do what he did. You’d think someone born into such privileged as he was wouldn’t need to resort to such shenanigans. But of course, if he hadn’t then there wouldn’t have been a story.

Overall, this was a quick read and while the reasonings behind all the bad things where a bit over the top and cliched the events progressed nicely. Ellie and Jack really make this story and I even enjoyed Jack’s mother Elizabeth. Jack’s daughter Libby seemed a bit too forced at times and was a bit two-dimensional but it could have been worse. The mysteries were pretty easy to figure out sometimes its nice to just sit and let oneself be entertained. There were also times when I found it hard to believe that this book was set in 2008, which was the time it was written. The adult MCs had a lot of trouble with basic internet skills and it just seemed like the book was set several years earlier.

As I said this was a quick read and an enjoyable story. I liked the characters and will most likely be reading more by Starr Ambrose.


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