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Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Anywhere by J. Meyers

Posted by Irish in 4 Stars, New Adult, Review, Young Adult6 Comments

Review: Anywhere by J. MeyersAnywhere by J. Meyers
Published by Self-Published on 25 August 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Pages: 256
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Place(s) Traveled to: Paris, France // Rome, Italy // Venice, Italy // Baratolo, Italy // Bern, Switzerland // Barau, Switzerland // Munich, Germany // Rothenburg, Germany // Arcachon, France // New York, New York

First Line: “Do you think there’s a phrase for this in French?” Paige called out from the tiny yellow bathroom, her voice wobbling.

When I first heard about Anywhere by J. Meyers I was immediately attracted to it as not only is it a road trip book, but its a road trip book set in EUROPE. I adore Europe and get there every chance I get and so I just loved the idea of backpacking through several countries…even if it was just in the pages of a book. Anywhere is told entirely from Skye’s POV and while sometimes this was annoying it was also right for the story. I say annoying because Skye could sometimes be annoying. She’s 22 and never really been off on her own doing her own thing so she’s really just coming into her own. When her Plan A fizzles she is off to Plan B and that leads her to Asher.

If ever there was a swoon worthy guy its Asher. He’s just so sweet and fun and the perfect person for Skye in that moment. He helps her to find her courage and be brave enough to go on the adventure that she’s always dreamed of. Their romance is quick but it never feels rushed. There is no insta-love but there is a fast friendship which deepens into something more. It feels real and wonderful and I loved reading about their journey together. The fact that they were in Europe just seemed to make it all the more magical. I also loved the relationship that Skye had with her brother. Their exchanges were so cute and fun, that as a reader, you get a real sense of their bond for each other.

Skye’s mother on the other hand….well, she is your typical horrible mother in a YA/NA novel. She doesn’t listen and tries to guilt and berate to get what she wants. And for most of Skye’s life she’s given in think that maybe if she did she’d get approval. But when it comes to the reason why Skye left I think she made the right decision and she made the right decision to finally start standing on her own two feet and listening to what she wants. Not what other people want for her. If there was a character that I would like to punch in this book it would have been her. I cringed each and every time that Skye had to talk to her and I applauded when Skye found her courage and stood up to her. I am sure that the ocean between them helped and I hope that Skye continues to live for herself and not her mother when her adventuring is done.

I also liked Paige and wish that we’d seen more of her. Though if Paige was there then there may have been no Asher so I am glad that things ended up how they did. Because, hello Asher. lol That thing at the end that he did….if you’ve ever read Persuasion and liked that letter well then you know the sort of heart achy feels that happens in this part of the book. Like I said. Total swoon worthy character and he totally makes up for any imperfections of this book.

Because there are some imperfections like Meyer’s overuse of parenthesis  I think by the end my eye was getting a little twitchy (really it was) (I mean it). What almost made me lose it was parenthesis used when a video was supposed to be playing. Because people don’t speak in parenthesis…at least not in my brain…and so there should have been none. *deep breath* Ok my rant is done…its a minor quibble but for me they began to take me out of the story. Especially when a phrase in parenthesis was followed by another set of them. *eye twitch*

The other minor quibble I had was a phrase that Skye loved to say. She’d ask a question and then quickly say “no wait don’t answer unless the answer is x.” and it was cute at first but by the end of the book I was ready to never see those words again. Though at the same point the phrase was so perfectly Skye. So while it annoyed me by the end it didn’t make my eye twitch like the minor issue I had above.

Other than that I really enjoyed this story. It was a quick read and it was fun to get lost in its pages. I hated to have it end and really wish that it had gone on more to see where Skye ended up and what happened at that thing she had to get back for. There could have been some deliciously awkward scenes but I guess I’ll just have to imagine what would happen in my head. And when I still think about a book after its final page then you know that its worth taking the time to read. So go forth and pick this one up. If you like fun contemporaries then you will like this one. It reminds me a little of Anna and the French Kiss mixed with some of my other favorite reads.

A good quote that describes Skye and Asher


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    I love how you incorporated all your quotes you’ve been posting into this. That’s a great idea. You should do a weekly post with quotes from the books you read that week.