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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Words that make me NOT want to pick up a book

Posted by Irish in Top Ten Tuesday18 Comments

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and today’s topic is all about the things that make you not want to pick up a book. Initially, I thought that this would be a hard topic as I do tend to read most anything. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized that there are certain topics/scenarios that I don’t really like and so will often (but not always) avoid.

1. Cancer

I am not a fan of cancer books. I will actively avoids these and hate when a cancer book sneaks up on me (I’m looking at you Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie). But there are exceptions to this. I did like Drums once I got over the shock of it. I did like Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson and Send Me a Sign by Tiffany Schmidt but overall books on this topic should come with huge warning labels across the front so I can prepare myself.

2. Werewolves

Of all the paranormal beasties out there werewolves just do nothing for me. This makes my love for MTV’s Teen Wolf all the more extraordinary as I do not like werewolves. There is not real reason for this so I can’t explain my dislike I just usually turn my nose up at these books. The exception here being Patricia Brigg’s Mercedes Thompson books. Maybe because its not just werewolves? Maybe because Mercy isn’t one and doesn’t fall head over heels instantly in love with one? I don’t know but I do enjoy these paranormal mysteries.

3. Angels

Another supernatural being that really does nothing for me. And again I don’t know why. Maybe because they are usually in books with insta-love and the angels inside them are just so sickeningly good. The exceptions here are: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and Angelfall by Susan Ee both of which contain some scary ass angels.

4. Insta-love

Such a trope in books and makes me roll my eyes and gag every single time. I know that books have a limited time to make a romantic connection but seriously there are ways to do it without the people involved falling instantly, obsessively in love. The exception to this one is The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. So, good and no insta-love obsession!

5. Widows/Widowers

This is a scenario that is sometimes used in historical romance novels and just one that I am not a fan of. I’ve started a few books with this scenario and often just can’t finish them. I have no exceptions to this now but if Sarah MacLean or Tessa Dare wrote about this then I’d probably read it but otherwise its an avoid.

6. Aliens

Again, not really interested. I’ve read sci-fi books set in space but its usually with people of Earth settling on another planet. Full on aliens I tend to avoid. Expections: Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series and Mothership by Martin Leight and Isla Neal (which despite the uber cheesy cover was really good!)

7. Horror

These books give me nightmares. I am a wuss and not ashamed to admit it.

8. Cheating

Nothing turns me off of a plot line faster than when one character cheats on another. There is no exception to this. Ever.

9. Mermaids

I’ve tried a few of these books but have yet to find one that interests me enough to finish it.

10. Love Triangles

H to the E to the double L no. These plot lines are usually overly done, overly drawn out, and without fail take away from the main plot of the book. If a synopsis mentions a character is torn between two people then I will often just put is aside never to touch it again. I really can’t think of a love triangle themed book that I loved enough to list as an exception. Blech.

So that’s it…those are ten topics that will turn me off of books – so take note those who want to pitch me stories if your book contains any of the above you might want to go back to your internet search and find a new blog. Please don’t try to tell me all about how your book is different from your average cancer/love triangle/angel/et al book out there because I won’t believe you and you’ll just annoy me. These are book topics that I will usually only consider if highly recommended from a friend who knows my tastes or from one of my book bullies because they know good books – even when they blindside me with the topic (again I look at you Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie).

18 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Words that make me NOT want to pick up a book”

    • Irish

      They are so rarely portrayed accurately and really aren’t different than a normal boy with the exception of wings and powers. Which is part of what I like about Angelfall and Daughter of Smoke and Bones as angels are portrayed as they should be – terrifying beings with a mission & humans may end up as casualties.

  1. Vivien

    I agree with so much of this list. But really, I absolutely LOATHE insta-love. Triangles aren’t the worst for me. I usually struggle with cancer books. I think I’ve only enjoyed one mermaid novel so those are usually a bust as well.

    • Irish

      I can deal with triangles better than I can deal with insta-love. I am just not a fan of that one look and then boom obsession.

  2. Tiffany

    I agree 90% with your list (because I dig a good horror)! I can’t stand cheating in books, especially when they want you to agree with the cheating. Nope, never, sorry!

    • Irish

      I really wish I liked horror more as there are well written stories…they just freak me out so I tend to avoid. lol

      And yes with the cheating…if one character is in such a bad/boring/loveless/et al relationship that they are attracted to someone else they should break up before hooking up with that someone new.

  3. Colin Smith

    Angels… *sigh*… I’m a Christian. I believe angels to be real spiritual beings–messengers of God. Ripped out of that context, as they so often are in novels, they make no sense to me. And, frankly, it annoys me when writers do that. There are a myriad of mythical creatures to make up stories about. Leave angels alone. Please!

    Oh, and Insta-love… don’t get me started!!

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox. Good list, Irish. 🙂

    • Irish

      Angels are definitely rarely portrayed accurately and how they are portrayed often makes my eye twitch. Insta-love is probably one of my biggest pet peeves in books though.

  4. Cecelia

    Mermaids and love triangles made my list too! Though I do like werewolves and some angels (Sharon Shinn’s Samaria books are swoon-worthy!). Great list!

    • Irish

      I haven’t read anything by Shinn but will look into her. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Irish

      I can’t really say I’ve read a mermaid book either the few I’ve tried have been a DNF. lol I just don’t get the concept.

  5. Kelly

    Books about cheating are turnoffs for me too. I can’t stand when people cheat, never mind when people cheat in books.
    Great list! 😀

    My TTT

  6. QNPoohBear

    Add to the list “What if…” (usually involving Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth). I’m super picky but you pretty much nailed the turn-off list. I’m not a huge fan of paranormal/supernatural whatever except when it’s something like Harry Potter where there’s a normal world where people happen to have magic powers they use for every day purposes.