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Friday, July 26, 2013

Movie Thoughts: Red

Posted by Irish in Movie Thoughts1 Comment

Title: Red (Official site)
Tag Line: Still Armed. Still Dangerous. Still Got It.Release Date: 15 Oct 2010
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 111 min
Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime
Series or Standalone: Series
Where Seen: Home
Production Company: Summit Entertainment | DC Entertainment
Distributed BySummit Entertainment
Director(s): Robert Schwentke
Writer(s): Jon Hoeber (screenplay), Erich Hoeber (screenplay), Warren Ellis (graphic novel), Cully Hamner (graphic novel)
Stars: Bruce Willis (Frank Moses), Mary-Louise Parker (Sarah Ross), John Malkovich (Marvin Boggs), Helen Mirren (Victoria), Brian Cox (Ivan Simonov), Karl Urban (William Cooper), Morgan Freeman (Joe Matheson), Rebecca Pidgeon (Cynthia Wilkes)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Red Series Order
Film 1: Red
Film 2: Red 2

Red is one of those movies which when I first saw previews for it back in 2010 I meant to go see but then never got around to it and eventually forgot about. It was brought back to mind not long ago when I started to see previews for its sequel (the cleverly named Red 2) but it wasn’t until I caught snippets of Red on tv while in Chicago that I was convinced to watch it. Red was a remarkably clever, fast paced action film that sucked me into its story when I sat down and was able to give it my full attention. There was a good plot and and interesting mystery and it really balanced out all the action scenes. There was also many laugh out loud comedic moments as well. I love me some fun one-liners.

Bruce Willis’s character, Frank Moses, reminded me a lot of his Die Hard role but a little less jaded. In Red, he just wants to settle down and live a normal life with the girl who he chats with on the phone. Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), on the other hand, lives the ordinary life but dreams of adventure though when she gets pulled into Frank Moses’s crazy, spy driven life she thinks that she might be in over her head. Despite the slight age difference between the characters I did love the friendship and growing romance between Frank and Sarah. It was realistic and didn’t seem rushed over the course of the movie.

But the character that steals the show is Marvin Boggs who is played perfectly by John Malkovich. He’s crazy and paranoid and its not always unjustified either. I loved all of his scenes and I adored how he and Willis interacted on screen. Beautiful bromance action going on there.

Red is just a total entertainment package and I’m kicking myself a bit for waiting so long to see it. I watched this one a few times during my movie rental and then when it came on TV a little after I found myself watching it again. Red  is one of those movies that doesn’t get old no matter how many times you see it. The one liners still make you laugh and the action scenes still impress. Totally going to have to add this one to my DVD collection.

My recommendation: Worth buying on DVD.

One Response to “Movie Thoughts: Red”

  1. Vivien

    You know, I haven’t seen this movie either. While it’s not really my thing, I can see where there would be some entertainment in watching it. If it were on TV and I had nothing else to do, I could see myself watching this.