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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Play with Me by Kristen Proby

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Title: Play with Me (Goodreads)
Publisher: Self-Published

Source: Purchased
Publication Date: 26 Feb 2013
Series or Standalone: Series
ISBN: 2940016319506
Format: ebook 
Pages: 298

The Author on the Web:

Place(s) Traveled to: Seattle, Washington // Miami, Florida

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

First Line: Ms McBride, Thank you for your inquiry regarding Will Montgomery and the rest of the team appearing at your hospital.

With Me in Seattle Series Order

Book 3 – Play With Me
Book 4 – Rock With Me
Book 5 – Safe With Me (2013/2014)
Book 6 – Tied With Me (2013/2014)
Book 7 – Breathe With Me (2013/2014)

After finishing Fight with Me I had high hopes for Play with Me which is Will Montgomery’s story. Will is the brother of Jules (he’s also in the NFL) and his love interest is an old college friend of Jules as well (she’s a nurse and former rocker). We first see a glimpse of Meg in Fight with Me and she comes across as a bit bitchy there. Though we soon learn that there is a reason for that at the start of this story and it is a good reason even if Will is unaware of it at the time. This misunderstand leads to some early sparks to their relationship and adds some fun tension to the story. 
Though this chip on Meg’s shoulder does get old after awhile. She didn’t have the best life growing up but she holds onto things super tightly and seems to relish holding up this shield around her even if it means pushing away those that are closest to her. She wants to be loved but at the same time is afraid to trust and that is a very difficult set of circumstances to overcome. In all honesty, there were times while reading this story that I was amazed that Will stuck with her for as long as he did. Then there were other times when he annoyed me a bit with his overbearing ways.
Initially, Play with Me started out in the same formula as the previous books in the series but what set it apart from the others is that it was told from both Will and Meg’s POV. And as you know, dear reader, I do love a good multiple POV story. Especially since if I was just in Meg’s head for the whole book I might have been driven a bit mad listening her go over the same thoughts over and over. She does like to dwell. 
Despite the things that bothered me with this story it did manage to give me that heart achy feeling that I like towards the end. I did like the story even if I didn’t fall head over heels in love with the two main characters. As with the previous books I did like seeing the various family members move in and out of this story and the humor that they bring to most scenes. Play with Me is another fast paced read from Proby and a good installment in the series. Its not my favorite but its not the worst one in the bunch either and one that I do recommend.