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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: The Collector by Victoria Scott

Posted by Irish in Review5 Comments

Title: The Collector (Goodreads)
Publisher: Entangled Teen

Source: Purchased
Publication Date: 02 April 2013
Series or Standalone: Series
Format: ebook
Pages: 400

The author on the web:

Place(s) Traveled to: New Orleans, LA // Peachville, Alabama // Las Vegas, Nevada // Chicago, Illinois

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

First Line: I’m in a slump, off my game, throwing up bricks, swinging and missing.

Dante Walker Series Order
Book 1: The Collector
Book 2: The Liberator (27 Aug 2013)

Book 3: Untitled (Assuming since most series are trilogies)

There are some books that you hear a lot about and so you rush to pick them up and read them. Books that you are just so certain that you are going to like and so you keep turning pages waiting for that moment when you fall in love. Only that feeling of love that everyone seems to be feeling never comes and you left feeling slightly more disappointed in a book than you may have otherwise been if your didn’t walk into it with certain expectations  Now while I didn’t walk into The Collector by Victoria Scott thinking that it was going to be super duper amazing I did expect more from it than what I got.

At first, I really liked The Collector. I like that the heroine, Charlie, wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but didn’t realize it until the love interest of the story told her she was. I liked how despite not being the prettiest or most popular that she was confident, smart, and had a good head on her shoulders. I didn’t like how it was only when Charlie started to change physically that Dante started to like her. To me, this only reinforces the idea that the only way the super hot guy will notice someone romantically is when they do what ever it takes to conform to societies idea of beauty. So that put me off a bit. Dante’s whole personality was also a bit off-putting. I just didn’t like his voice or attitude and that just really kept me from getting attached to any of the characters.

The plot of The Collector was also just so-so. Throughout the entire book I was reminded of Lisa Desrocher’s Personal Demons though without the love triangle. It also annoys me when you have to read all of the books in a series to get what the big deal deal is about a certain character. I wanted to know why the devil want Charlie so much and other questions that my brain kept firing at me as I read. There was also very little of surprise for me in this book. I often knew long before the big reveals that certain events would take place and so that also took a bit away from the story for me as I figured things out too early.

The whole book just left me feeling a bit meh by the end. It had a strong start but just never fully lived up to its promise. As such, I have no burning desire to read the next book in the series, The Liberator

5 Responses to “Review: The Collector by Victoria Scott”

  1. Vivien

    Hmmm….this is kind of disappointing to hear. I did read Personal Demons and I didn’t love it, unlike everyone else. There was just ‘something’ about it that I felt meh about. I really hope I don’t feel the same about this book, but I have a feeling it might happen.

    • Irish

      I didn’t really like Personal Demons either…for me it was just an ok read. I think that how one felt about Personal Demons will be how people approach this one as well.

  2. Helen Moulden

    This was on my to be read list, but now I’m not too sure. I hate books that make you feel ‘meh’ at the end :s