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Friday, April 26, 2013

Audio Review: The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima

Posted by Irish in Review4 Comments

Title: The Gray Wolf Throne (Goodreads)
Publisher:  Recorded Books (Audio);  Hyperion Books for Children (Print)

Source: Purchased
Publication Date: 04 Oct 2011 (Audio);  30 Aug 2011 (Print)
Series or Standalone: Series

ISBN: B005SCAPDC (Audio), 1423121384 (Paperback)

Format: Audio
Audio Length:  ~10 hrs
Narrator: Carol Monda


Place(s) Traveled to: Oden’s Ford // Marisa Pines // Fellsmarch

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Seven Realms Series Order
Book 3: The Gray Wolf Throne
Book 4: The Crimson Crown

First Line: Raisa ana‘Marianna huddled in her usual dark corner at the Purple Heron, picking at her meat pie.

The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima picks up not long after the events of The Exiled Queen end and where there was a lot of transition and set up in book 2 this third installment is filled with non-stop action. From the moment you start this book you are knocked into the world and the race to see where things might end up for Raisa, Han, and all the characters that you’ve come to love (and hate) over the first two books. Each character is further fleshed out and while they are old friends at this point they still manage to surprise you with their actions.

There were more times then I can count during my listen of this book where I almost wished that I was reading the print version as I can read so much faster than being read to. And more than anything I just wanted to know what was going to happen next! Thankfully though I’d downloaded this book via and so it was on my ipod and I wasn’t constrained to just listening to it in my car as I am with a CD. I found myself listening to this one every chance I could no matter where I was. 

As always Carol Monda did a great job with all the voices and I am certain that if I go back and experience these in print I’ll have her narration echoing in my brain as each of the characters speak. Her slightly raspy voice is just perfect and there is a good distinction between the various male and female voices.

The more I experience The Seven Realms series the more I fall in love with this world and its characters. I wish that I could open up a window so I can watch all the scenes play out in front of me so rich and detailed Chima portrays everything. The switches in POVs are always handled well and there is usually little doubt as to whose POV you are in or who is speaking when thanks to Monda’s well established narration. 

The story is fast paced and the action never lets up once it begins and you can almost taste the tension in some scenes. There where also times when I got so into the audio that I found myself speaking back to it as it played in my car. Whispering words of encouragement or disbelief and so many other things that I can’t remember at this moment. This is how sucked into the world I was and part of why I love this series so very much.

If you love a good fantasy book, or even if you are new to the genre, I think that you’ll love the story and world that Chima has created here. The world is richly detailed and not overly fantastical and its one that I would love to visit. These characters are all ones that I would love to know and I just know that its going to be so very hard to say goodbye to them all in the final installment, The Crimson Crown.

4 Responses to “Audio Review: The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima”

  1. Vivien

    I actually haven’t read this series yet, but I did read the Heir series. I’m curious to see how the author has evolved. I’ll be sure to seek out the audio. It does sound like an experience.

    • Irish

      I really liked the series and I’m curious about her Heir books especially as 2 more of those where recently announced.

  2. Helen Moulden

    I agree with you about audio that it’s much faster reading than being read to, but I do love listening to a book as I drift off to sleep at night. It makes me have crazy dreams too!