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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean

Posted by Irish in Review4 Comments

Publisher: Avon Books

Source: NEIBA
Publication Date: 29 Jan 2013
Series or Standalone: Series
ISBN: 0062068539
Format: Paperback (ARC)
Pages: 384

Place(s) Traveled to: London, England (1831)

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The Rules of Scoundrels Series Order
Book 1 – A Rogue By Any Other Name
Book 2 – One Good Earl Deserves a Lover
Book 3 – No Good Duke Goes Unpunished (27 Aug 2013)
Book 4 – Untitled (~2013/2014)

First Line: There were benefits to being the second son.

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From the moment I finished Sarah MacLean’s A Rogue By Any Other Name I was desperate to get my hands on One Good Earl Deserves a Lover. The epilogue from Rogue held such promise that I was eager to see how poor Cross dealt with the particular brand of odd that is Pippa Marbury. Pippa as you may recall from Rogue is Penelope’s sister who is nearly engaged Lord Castleton because its the proper thing to do. But Pippa has a curious side and knack for finding things out so when she learn’s her new brother in law, Bourne, is owner of a gaming hell then Pippa decides she wants to flirt with scandal before settling down to a good and virtuous wife. 

Enter in Cross, Bourne’s business partner a rogue who is good with numbers and so very ill equipped to deal with one of the Marbury clan. One does have to give Cross credit though he really does try to resist Pippa. He tries so hard to get her to stop her experiments and go back to being nearly engaged and live a scandal free life. But as any romance reader knows he’d have a better chance at setting fire to rain than in dissuading a determined female.

What follows in One Good Earl is a serious of events that will have the reader laughing out loud and falling as deeply in love with Pippa and Cross as they do with each other. As with all of MacLean’s other books you will be put through a torturous ride where you lose track of the fact that you are reading a romance and you question if a happily ever after will happen for the hero and heroine. I delighted in how odd that Pippa was and feel as though I might have been her if I’d grown up in the 19th century. I am a bit of a science nerd myself though I think Pippa is far smarter than I’ll ever hope to be. 

Cross and Pippa are a wonderful pair and I adored their story. I also loved the little snippet/teaser that we get into Temple’s background. Though I have to admit that I am not as excited for his story. At least not yet. At least with Cross and Pippa we had the fun epilogue at the end of Rogue. Plus Temple has the sad place of having his story told right before Chase’s and on thing that One Good Earl does is make the reader hunger even more for his story. Chase is a meddlesome rogue and I feel that his friends are going to really enjoy making him squirm in payback for all that he has down while they were falling. 

The one real disappointment that I had with this story was that there weren’t enough cameos from Bourne and Penelope. I loved their story and so was hoping to see more of them here. But despite their lack of appearances I still delighted in this book and read it in just a few hours of it landing in my hands. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and got the odd look from passer bys as I’d laugh and gasp during my reading of it. (It should be noted that I read this book in a hotel lobby as I had time to kill between a conference and a dinner that night.) If you’ve read anything by Sarah MacLean then you are sure to enjoy this book. If this is your first experience reading MacLean then its sure to make you a life long fan. This book is a must read for me and I can’t recommend it enough. I loved it so much that just by writing this review makes me want to read it all over again so I think I’m going to go and do just that.

4 Responses to “Review: One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean”

  1. Meredith

    I loved Cross and Pippa just as much as you did – and I agree, Pippa is easy to relate to (if you’re a glasses-wearing nerd like me!). I especially liked how Cross loved Pippa for all the things other people overlooked (her quirks and oddities).

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