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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Double Crossed by Ally Carter

Posted by Irish in Review5 Comments

Title: Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story (Goodreads)

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Source: Free Download
Publication Date: 22 Jan 2013
Series or Standalone: Series
ISBN: 9781423187479
Format: ebook
Pages: 89

The Author on the Web:

Place(s) Traveled to: New York, New York

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

First Line(s): Situated on the Upper East Side with a glorious view of the park, the Athenia Hotel was supposed to be some kind of Olympus, high in the clouds above mere mortals, a place for playing and drinking and dancing like gods.

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Gallagher Girl Series Order
Book 5 – Out of Sight Out of Time
Book 5.5 – Double Crossed (novella)
Book 6 – Untitled (~2013)

Heist Society Series Order
Book 1 – Heist Society
Book 2 – Uncommon Criminals
Book 2.5 – Double Crossed (novella)
Book 3 – Perfect Scoundrels (05 Feb 2013)

Double Crossed by Ally Carter is a novella that features characters from both of her series and mixes her spies-in-training with her young con artists. The bulk of the novella is told in alternating POVs by Macey McHenry and WW Hale V and I loved hearing from these two characters. Especially Hale! And for once I wasn’t annoyed by a Gallagher Girls book and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that Cammie wasn’t the narrator. It was nice not having to listen to her whine about everything. While Macey isn’t perfect she is a far more mature narrator and I wished more of the Gallegher Girls books used her voice for the POV. There was also a few sections that were focused from Kat’s POV and I felt that those were out of place and didn’t feature Kat as I’ve come to know her in the previous books. She seemed more immature here and less feisty than in the Heist Society books and I almost wish that they hadn’t been included. 

The plot of Double Crossed was very fast paced and there was much that seemed to happen off the page. As a novella the story is limited in its number of pages but I think that Carter just glossed over too much and this could have used more pages to really flesh out the story. Though I did really like how Macey and Hale worked together in order to solve the mystery as well as learning a little more about each other and what they do. It was a fun mix as they both realized that the other wasn’t just another high society snob and I do hope that there are more novellas in the future that mix these characters. I would love to see Macey and Bex meeting the twins. 

Another nice thing about Double Crossed is that you don’t necessarily need to have any real knowledge of the other series. I think that this could be a good way to introduce new readers into the world of the spies-in-training and the thieves. This novella is a good intro into what both characters/worlds are like and I think lays just enough crumbs to have people pick up one or even both of the series to see the origins of Macey and Hale. Double Crossed is also a really fast read and I was finished with it in no time at all. While it wasn’t perfect and I felt it could have been fleshed out a little more it has made me even more excited for Perfect Scoundrels, which is the third book in the Heist Society series. You also can’t beat the price, free. So if you have been on the fence about reading Ally Carter then now would be a great time to jump in and test the waters. So head over to your favorite ebook retailer and DL a copy today. 

5 Responses to “Review: Double Crossed by Ally Carter”

  1. Vivien

    I’m pretty interested in reading this one. It was wonderful to get it for free. I read the YA series, so the crossover could be promising.

  2. QNPoohBear

    If it’s free, I’ll read it. I have enjoyed both series so far though I think Heist Society is a bit more original. Off to look for Dad’s iPad… Where did he (ahem I mean I…) leave it?

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