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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Movie Thoughts: Hitchcock

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Title: Hitchcock (Official site)
Tag Line: Behind every Psycho is a great woman.
Release Date: 14 December 2012
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 98 min
Genres: Biography, Drama
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Where Seen: Movie Theater (screening)
Production Company: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Distributed By: Fox Searchlight Pictures
Director(s): Sacha Gervasi
Writer(s): John J. McLaughlin (screenplay), Stephen Rebello(book)
Stars: Anthony Hopkins (Alfred Hitchcock), Helen Mirren (Alma Reville), Scarlett Johansson (Janet Leigh), Danny Huston (Whitefield Cook), Toni Collette (Peggy Robertson), Jessica Biel (Vera Miles), James D’Arcy (Anthony Hopkins), and Michael Wincott (Ed Gein) 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

This past week I was lucky enough to go to a screening of the film Hitchcock which is a biopic about the making of one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous films, Psycho. Psycho is one of those movies that has such a cult following that its hard to imagine that Hitchcock struggled not only to get it filmed but then to get it past the censors in order to get it released. But the 1960s were such a different time in the american cinema and Psycho really was a movie unlike any other at that time and one that set the stage for many films that followed. 

Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock was absolutely brilliant casting. Hopkins fully embraced his role and became Hitchcock. He had his shuffling walk and mysterious air down pat. He also mimicked his mode of speech and expressions in such a way that it was a bit eerie to watch on screen since you know that it isn’t Hitchcock and yet it was. Prior to this movie I didn’t know much about Hitchcock’s life or personal experiences but I have watched (and been terrified by) his many films and tv shows so I enjoyed learning more about him. 

It was Helen Mirren and Toni Collette who played Alma Reville and Peggy Robertson, respectively, though who tended to steal the show when on screen. I loved both of there interactions with Anthony Hopkins. I also enjoyed learning about these two strong, feisty women who were a big part of Hitchcock’s success in Hollywood. The rest of the cast were also good in their roles but none stood out as much as Hopkins, Mirren, and Collette. 

Hitchcock was a fun and entertaining film that reminded me a lot of Hitchcock’s tv shows with his voice overs at all the right times. I also like how the film brought in bits of Hitchcock’s persona and made use of his famous silhouette in a variety of ways. I can’t say for sure how historically accurate this movie was but I was entertained by it. And sometimes when you go to the movies that is really all that matters. This is a movie that I would recommend to all though its not one that is a must see in theaters. I think it can be enjoyed just as much, if not more, from the comfort of ones living room.