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Friday, December 7, 2012

Falling Kingdoms Quest Blog Tour (+ Giveaway)

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Welcome to the Falling Kingdoms Quest blog tour! Hidden in each tour stop is the answer to a Falling Kingdoms trivia question. Email the answer to yrmarketing@us.penguingroup.comwith Falling Kingdoms Blog Tour in the subject line for the chance to win one of FIVE hardcover copies of Falling Kingdoms! The more questions you answer, the better chance you have to win!

QUESTion: What is Chief Basilius searching for? [Email the answer, found somewhere below, to yrmarketing@us.penguingroup.comfor the chance to win one of five hardcover copies of Falling Kingdoms!]

Excerpt: “He’d never met the chief before. He’d never known anyone who had. Basilius had been in seclusion for years. So this was the ultimate honor a Paelsian could have and he felt deeply honored to be here, no matter what steps he’d had to take to make this possible.” – Chapter 13, FALLING KINGDOMS

From Morgan: Chief Basilius is the leader of Paelsia—a land that worships no god or goddess. Instead, they worship a living man who sets himself apart from them in his guarded compound while claiming to be “one of the people.”

Basilius calls himself a sorcerer, and the majority of Paelsians believe this as well. He claims to be able to harness all four parts of elementia (water, earth, air, and fire magic). Much of his time is spent in meditation as he mentally searches for the Kindred, the source of all elementia, which has been lost for a thousand years.

His subjects patiently wait for him to fully come into his “magic” to help them survive the wasting away of their land, their soil and agriculture, which has plunged them into great poverty—not the least of which is helped along by the large wine tax he places on all vineyards which keeps profitability of Paelsia’s major export to a minimum. 

On Monday, head over to The Perpetual Page Turner to find the answer to your next QUESTion, then email the answer to yrmarketing@us.penguingroup.comfor a chance to win a copy of Falling Kingdoms!

12.10 QUESTion, found somewhere in The Perpetual Page Turner tour stop: What is King Gaius Damora’s nickname?

Falling Kingdoms QUEST blog tour schedule:

Thurs, 11/29 The Story Siren 
Fri, 11/30 The Book Smugglers 
Mon, 12/3 Night Owl Reviews 
Tues, 12/4 Chapter by Chapter 

Thurs, 12/6 Mundie Moms 

Fri, 12/7 Ticket to Anywhere 

Tues, 12/11 Bookalicious 

Thurs, 12/13 Literary Rambles

Fri, 12/14 Alice Marvels

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