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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Movie Thoughts: The Raven

Posted by Irish in Movie Thoughts6 Comments

Title: The Raven (official website)
Release Date: 27 April 2012
Rating: R
Runtime: 111 min
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Where Seen: Movie Theater
Distributed By: Rogue Pictures and Relativity Media
and Director(s): James McTeigue
Writers: Ben Livingston (screenplay), Hannah Shakespeare (screenplay)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of Edgar Allen Poe his stories and poems are just filled with this delightful creepiness and so I was super excited when I heard that there was going to be a movie about him. Then when I saw the previews I was even more excited as rather than a  biopic this movie was a mystery as someone was taking Poe’s stories and reenacting them in grisly detail. 
I really enjoyed this movie it had everything in it that I love. There was action, adventure, mystery, thrills and yes, even a romance. It made me laugh, cringe and even jump a few times. There were times when I had to cover my eyes as it was a little gory (think of the Pit & Pendulum story and you’ll know what I mean) but it wasn’t overly so. Some of the scenes that made me jump were totally unexpected and I both loved and hated it. When I get a sense something scary might happen I can look away before hand or prepare myself. No such luck here though. 
For me the movie was unpredictable but not so complex that I didn’t figure out who the killer was before the big reveal. Though I will admit that a couple of the red herrings did fool me for a bit. I also loved picking out all the various Poe stories and poems that were woven throughout the movie. While Cusak didn’t always live up to my idea of Poe – looks wise he nailed it – but his mannerisms and voice just never meshed with what my brain was expecting. But I do love Cusak and I think that he was a great choice to play the part. He added just the right about of wit and crazy to the role and had great chemistry with his other co-stars. 
If you are a fan of Edgar Allen Poe then this is a must see movie for you. And if you aren’t a fan then maybe this film is just the think to lead you into his work.

6 Responses to “Movie Thoughts: The Raven”

  1. Allison

    OOh 5 out of 5.. and it’s based on Edgar Allan Poe’s book? Must.. see.. ASAP!

  2. Kate@Midnight Book Girl

    I can’t wait to go see this! Heck, I might just go by myself tomorrow. I live in Richmond (home of the Edgar Allen Poe museum!) and I’m a huge John Cusack fan. I can’t imagine I won’t love this, but I’m glad to see a good review on it from a fellow book blogger!

  3. Howard Sherman

    I’m always leery of Hollywood when they hack away at books and literature. What a sigh of relief I breathed after I read your review of The Raven. I’m moving The Raven from my “avoid” list to “should watch” list. Thanks for being a pioneer and risking all the risky arrows for us!

    • Irish

      This isn’t really about the books…so that helps. Its a mystery where the killer is using Poe’s books as inpiration for his crimes. Poe then helps investigate so its fun picking out his stories and enjoyable since its not a book to screne adaptation. =)