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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Snapshot: 31 Mar 2012

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized11 Comments

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books. It’s easy to participate – just post a picture that was taken by you, a friend, or a family member and add your link on Alyce’s site.
Earlier this week I entered the ladies room at work to find this sign hanging from the wall…I almost died laughing when I saw it that it said “This Way to the Ministry of Magic.” My response to the person responsible was to put some toner waste in a bowl and asked if she wanted some floo powder. Some days work is more fun than others. Too bad all that pesky work stuff gets in the way. lol
Not the most glamorous or artistic of Saturday Snapshots…but I thought a bit of nerd humor might be fun to showcase. =)

11 Responses to “Saturday Snapshot: 31 Mar 2012”

  1. Kay

    Oh, I think that is priceless! I know that I was laughing my head off when J.K. Rowling made that particular entrance to the Ministry of Magic. I think I prefer the phone booth, although do they still have phone booths in London. They sure don’t here in the US.