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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What I Watched – 19 February 2012

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What I watched this week is a weekly feature here on the blog where I discuss the tv shows and movies that I watched during the week. This post has been inspired by Galleysmith’s weekly TV Talk and Pop Culture Junkie’s monthly TV/Movie Recap. As always if you haven’t watched the episode mentioned then you might want to skip the recap as I will not be avoiding spoilers.

Its been a while since I last posted about what I watched…but with the holidays and all the repeats that were on life just sort of got in the way. But I am back this week and a bit behind on some shows but will do my best to get all caught up soon.

What I Watched 
Once Upon a Time – Skin Deep (1×12)
Smash – Pilot (1×01)
How I Met Your Mother – The Drunk Train (7×16)
Hart of Dixie –  Aliens and Aliases (1×14)
One Tree Hill – The Killing Moon (9×05)
Cougar Town – Ain’t Love Strange (3×01)
One Tree Hill – Catastrophe and the Cure (9×10)
Modern Family – Aunt Mommy (3×15)
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (movie)
The Big Bang Theory – The Rothman Disintegration (5×17)
This Means War (movie)
Once Upon a Time – Skin Deep (1×12) – This wasn’t my favorite episode of OUaT as I just don’t really buy Rumpelstiltskin as the beast. I get he’s an uber villian…but they really seem to be stretching it to it breaking point on this show. I also found the growing romance between him and Belle to be just a tad bit creepy and thought it was more Stockholm Syndrome than anything else. And of course the references to the Disney animated film were just a bit much. I was glad that this one seemed to be Evil Queen/Mayor, Emma and Henry light as they are all really starting to bug me. But what I really enjoyed about this episode was the twist at the end that showed that Bell was still very much alive and imprisoned by the Queen. You know that Rumpelstiltskin will find out eventually and then you know that things will hit the fan. I hope that day comes soon.

Smash – Pilot (1×01) – I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this one other than that it was a  bit like a grown up Glee. And while it is that, it also contains some more solid acting and plotting than Glee ever did. I also liked that the songs that were in the show were more Broadway than popular pop songs. Not sure if I am totally sold on this one just yet…but I am definitely going to check out a few more episodes before I decide to break up with it or not.

How I Met Your Mother – The Drunk Train (7×16) – This episode is yet another example of blahness that is becoming the norm for HIMYM and  fell really short of how this show used to be. I enjoyed the Quinn/Barney scenes and look forward to seeing more of her…but at the same time I felt a bit sorry for Barney since she’s just using him for his money. Yet, I do think that its a bit far fetched that Barney wouldn’t recognize her from the strip club that he frequents a lot. I also felt that the whole Kevin/Robin thing was very poorly done. I liked those two as a couple and thought it was a very bad way to break them up. The whole topic of kids – and how Robin not only can’t have them but doesn’t want them – would have somehow come up long before it does. Especially since Kevin so obviously wants them. I also really don’t like how they seem to be gearing up for a repeat of Ted/Robin. We know she isn’t the mother…so why beat a dead horse? This season Ted seems to be getting more lonely and pathetic and has lost his quirky adorkableness. I’d break up with it but after investing 7 seasons into this show I am determined to watch until the reveal…I just really hope its not a waste of my time.

Hart of Dixie –  Aliens and Aliases (1×14) – I really enjoy my weekly visits to Bluebelle…yes its not very true to Southern culture…but its fun and makes for some great escapism from week to week. I also like Lemon so much better when she lets her hair down and takes that giant stick out of her butt. She’s way more fun and relateable. This Lemon is one that I can see George and Lavon falling for…and its a Lemon that we have so far only really seen with Lavon. So I am still routing for those two to get back together. Though I was a bit put off when it was revealed that their grand secret romance was only 6 weeks long. Doesn’t seem believable that they’d both fall in love that quickly. But its tv and well…one sometimes needs to sacrifice realism for a storyline.


One Tree Hill – The Killing Moon (9×05) – I really really really really despise the new character of Tara. She is annoying and pointless and I hate how she is being forced down our throats. This is supposed to be the last year of the show and they are supposed to be closing out any open storylines and ending the show on a good note. So why introduce the drama of a new character who fits in like nails on a chalkboard? I hate that cruel note she left on Julian’s car and I hate how she’s turned good guy chase into a cheater. I don’t like how they seem to have turned Chase and Kris into BFFs…although I don’t mind that Alex is gone as she was a bit of a boring character. Now if only Clay and Quin could disappear as well. Their scenes are always such snooze fests. This whole new thing of Clay in that live in therapy place where the only other resident seems to be an orphan child is just so blah. I seriously doubt an orphan boy would be in such a place and he’s just there as a cheap plot device to try and make Clay seem more interesting. About the only thing I liked about this episode was the start of some crazy drama with Nathan going missing.

Cougar Town – Ain’t Love Strange (3×01) – I am so glad this show is back on the air! I thought that it was so funny and even a bit tear jerky in how Grayson proposed to Jules. The only thing I felt a bit odd in the episode was just how big Stan now is – and how he seems to gone from Blonde to a darker hared demon spawn. Perhaps Cougar Town is going part comedy and part Paranormal in that Stan is now a Changeling? He seems to be exhibiting all the classic signs.


One Tree Hill – Catastrophe and the Cure (9×10) – Can I just mention again just how much I detest Tara? Because in case you missed it. I do. This episode can also be clearly labeled as the WTF episode. While I do love that OTH is filled with crazy over the top drama I was really hoping that it would have been Dan to have kidnapped Nathan and not these random foreigners…and over what? Because Nathan just happened to talked to some European kid about representation? For this they are going to kill him? And how does that send a message if NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT?!?! So OTH…I beg of you…stop…please just stop with this insanity. The highlight of this one was the new bromance between Kris and Chase and I enjoyed their scenes together…but overall…I still don’t full buy their friendship.

Modern Family – Aunt Mommy (3×15) – This show is always a delight. I loved how a drunken Clare promised to be an egg donor to Mitchel and Cameron and then the morning after regrets that they both had. I especially loved how they both admitted to them but when faced with parental disapproval they both acted like the decision was still a go. That is so something siblings would do. I also thought it was funny that Cameron was doing photo composites of what various combinations of genes would be in a baby…and am really curious to see what a baby between him and Mitchel would look like.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Wow. This movie was just so very good. I was expecting it to be sad and it was. But it was also hopeful. The kid who played Oskar was just so very perfect at making me feel ALL THE EMOTIONS. I just wanted to reach into the screen and give him a big hug. I totally cried off and one throughout this whole movie. But I also laughed as well. I thought that it was a great 9/11 film in that it wasn’t about 9/11 but about some of the after effects and those left behind. I loved the message of this film and it really made me want to go out and read the book. Because the book is usually always better than the movie. This is definitely a movie to watch…just remember your tissues!


The Big Bang Theory – The Rothman Disintegration (5×17) – For once I wasn’t totally annoyed by Amy. Usually she just grates on my nerves but her gift of the painting to Penny was actually hilarious. Especially Penny and Bernadette’s reaction to it. I am getting tired of just how separated the girls and guys are on this show now though as I think there could have been some fun scenes with the guys looking at that portrait as well. Though I did enjoy seeing Sheldon and his nemesis competing for the new office…and with the lemon that it turned out to be I wonder how Sheldon will try to unload it.


This Means War – This is a romantic comedy that tries to appeal to both girls and guys. Its your typical formulaic chick flick – with the slightly added twist that the main character, Lauren, has two guys to chose from. It tries to appeal to guys by making Lauren’s love interests best friends and spies and so adds in a bunch of random action scenes that really don’t do much for the plot. The opener that leaves the bad guy with just a scrap of a suit as a clue to get his revenge on the two spies is more than a little weak. Some of the action scenes were very poorly filmed and were so obviously fake and as a result took me out of the false reality of the film. But I did enjoy the scenes with Tuck and FDR using their CIA resources to try to sabotage the other as well as to try and get the upper hand with Lauren. While I don’t really feel like Lauren made the right choice for her I could also see it coming a mile away. Because…well…it is a romantic comedy and they aren’t really known for their surprises and twists. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. Its definitely no oscar nominee and its definitely one that will appeal more to woman than men. Its one that I would recommend to my girl friends and tell them not to expect a ton from it but there is some good eye candy and it does make a good escape from reality for a couple of hours.

2 Responses to “What I Watched – 19 February 2012”

  1. QNPoohBear

    I really wanted to like Smash but one episode didn’t do it for me. I have to see how I feel after another one or two. I’m not a huge fan of Kat McPhee. I wish Lea Michele was the lead instead of being on Glee.