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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Watched – 12 February 2012

Posted by Irish in Movie Thoughts, What I Watched3 Comments

What I watched this week is a weekly feature here on the blog where I discuss the tv shows and movies that I watched during the week. This post has been inspired by Galleysmith’s weekly TV Talk and Pop Culture Junkie’s monthly TV/Movie Recap. As always if you haven’t watched the episode mentioned then you might want to skip the recap as I will not be avoiding spoilers.

Its been a while since I last posted about what I watched…but with the holidays and all the repeats that were on life just sort of got in the way. But I am back this week and a bit behind on some shows but will do my best to get all caught up soon.

What I Watched 
Superbowl XLVI 
How I Met Your Mother – The Burning Beekeeper (7×15)
Hart of Dixie – Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms (1×13)
Switched at Birth – Las Dos Fridas (1×16)
The Woman in Black (movie)
Modern Family – Me? Jealous? (3×14)
The Big Bang Theory –  The Vacation Solution (5×16)
Grey’s Anatomy – All You Need is Love (8×15)
Whitechapel – Series 1 and 2
Downton Abbey – Series 1 and 2
Sherlock – Series 2
Cougar Town – Series 1 & 2


Superbowl XLVI – I’m not a huge football fan but I do love to hang out with friends and this superbowl there was the added draw that the New England Patriots were in it. It sucks that they lost and that the commercials kinda sucked…but those last 57 seconds of the game were pretty excited. If every football game was like that I might watch the sport more.

How I Met Your Mother – The Burning Beekeeper (7×15) – This whole season has been more miss than hit for me and this episode was no exception. About the only things I really took away from it is that Robin had on another pair of her really bright pants and that someone caught on fire. There was very little in the episode that made me laugh and I’m getting really really really tired of Lily’s dad. He is just beyond annoying. I’ve never liked the actor that plays him and all his scenes are like nails on a chalk board.

Hart of Dixie – Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms (1×13) – This show is just so much fun and the tension between Zoe and Wade just increases every episode. This one they were so close to admitting how they feel about each other (a fact that is obvious to EVERYONE but them) but then Wade had to go and ruin the moment by making a joke of it all. *le sigh* I’m also curious to see how things roll out now that DeeDee suspects that Lavon and Lemon where once involved. I like DeeDee…but she doesn’t have the chemistry with Lavon that Lemon does. And George needs to know so that he can move one to find a girl who gives him that spark that Wade and Zoe have and also Lavon and Lemon. I also hope that this is the last episode with boring Judson.

Switched at Birth – Las Dos Fridas (1×16) – I really enjoy this show. This week Daphne met her biological grandmother and I just loved the tensions that came out of that. I felt so sorry for Bay. But I liked how her adoptive mom and her biological one both worked together to help make her pain go away. I am getting annoyed with that new girl (forgetting her name, but Bay’s old friend and Toby’s new GF) I just get this weird vibe from her and the way she stares at everything is just a bit spooky. So hopefully she won’t last long on the show.
The Woman in Black – Spooky spooky spooky! This movie totally made me jump far more than I expected it too. Its rated PG-13 for crying out loud! I loved the spooky house that Daniel Radcliff’s character has to go to. Its old and remote and so creepy in that the tide washes away the road leading up to it as it rises. Daniel Radcliff was great in his role and there was very little to be seen of that boy wizard he played for many years. The only real issue that I had with this one was the lametastic ending. Its like the writers just sort of gave up or something and didn’t know how to close it out. So I was left feeling disappointed. But until those last 5 minutes it was good.
Modern Family – Me? Jealous? (3×14) – This show always manages to make me laugh. I love the entire cast. Gloria was a hoot and I loved how she and Cameron got on each others nerves in this episode. We all know what its like when family comes to stay…you love them dearly…but sometimes being forced into tight quarters with them is just a recipe for disaster. I’m also glad that they are letting new Lily have some more lines. Though I do wonder how Cameron & Mitchell are proceeding with their adoption plans as it hasn’t been mentioned in awhile. And Phil….oh dear sweet clueless Phil…you crack me up. But how sweet was it when he did finally get all jealous? 

The Big Bang Theory –  The Vacation Solution (5×16) – Sheldon Cooper is forced to go on vacation…this is not in his DNA and I love how he tried to sneak into the office. Failing that I enjoyed how he went to help Amy out in her lab. I kinda didn’t mind Amy in this episode as it was entertaining to see Sheldon not do good at something. Poor guy isn’t used to failure so its a good and humbling experience for him. Though I am sure it will have no real effect on his ego.

Grey’s Anatomy – All You Need is Love (8×15) – Teddy really annoyed me in this episode. I’m really tired of her over the top grief over the death of her husband. I know this probably makes me seem heartless but they got married just so he could have insurance. For the bulk of their marriage she dated other people and treated her husband like crap. And then when he’d finally had enough she had this epiphany on how much she loved him. I’m sorry but it just came across as false. I think that deep down she’s still hung up on Owen and is still mad at him for choosing Christina over her. She get Christina to defy Owen as a way to cause a rift in their relationship and its working…they are so close to breaking. Granted Christina did a shitty thing in aborting the baby that Owen deeply wanted and that certainly doesn’t help the rift in their relationship any. The ending of this one was a bit heartbreaking…Lexi was just about to put her heart on the line with Mark and Avery was there to ruin the moment. I really like Mark and Lexi together and hope that they can find their way back to each other.

Shows Watched During Feature Hiatus

Whitechapel Series 1 & 2 – I heard about this show from Verbvixen on twitter. We both share a love of British TV and I was really excited when she told me about this one. Currently there are 2 seasons of the show available though sadly they are only 3 episodes long. The first season deals with a modern day Jack the Ripper and I was totally engrossed from the opening all the way until the end. This show is smart and funny and just really brought that old serial killer to life. The second series deals with another true crime copy cat and while I enjoyed it I didn’t enjoy it as much as the Jack the Ripper segment. But I think that’s just because I knew more about Jack the Ripper than the Kray Twins. Though with Season 2 it was great to see all the characters really grow and bond together more. I can’t wait until Series 3.

Downton Abbey Series 1 & 2 – This is another show imported from the UK and one that so many people I know have raved about. I resisted watched as I am usually disappointed by overly hyped up things. Not this time though. ZOMG ALL THE EMOTIONS that Downton Abbey raises. I love this show so very very much. I just love all of the characters – even evil Thomas and that vile Mrs O’Brien. This show is a great mix of period piece, drama, romance and even a little bit of comedy. The Dowager Countess (played by the amazing Maggie Smith) has some of the best one-liners ever. And Matt and Mary…their tragic star-crossed love story just really tugs at the heart. But the Christmas Special…oh…that just makes all their struggles worthwhile. I just hope that Series 3 doesn’t tear them apart…again.

Sherlock – Series 2 – Oh look…its another UK show. Shocker! In some ways I think that this second series is better than the first. All the episode passed by way too quickly and I cursed the shortness of UK seasons. Though at the same time the 3 episodes are also oddly perfect and just leave you lusting for more. There is no burn out with this series…just heart wrenching angst and a jaw-dropping series finale. I have no idea how the writers are going to salvage it but I just know that they must.

Cougar Town – Series 1 & 2 – This is a show that I’d seen a few episodes here and there but  never really sat down and watched. My tv schedule just never seemed to allow for it. Then I learned that my friend Ashley was borderline obsessed with it and when she learned I hadn’t seen it she pretty much bullied me until I watched. So I went out and bought series 1 & 2 on DVD and sat down to watch. And I didn’t stop until I finished. Then I became irrationally bummed because series 3 wasn’t on the tv schedule yet. This is a funny show that is perfect for adults like me who are in different stages of life. Its like the gang of Friends all moved to the suburbs and got a bit snarkier. I laughed with every episode and totally binged on this series. I am so very excited that it will be back on tv this week.

Shows I need to catch up on:

Revenge (Cat – I promise to make getting caught up on this one a priority!)
Lost Girl (have you seen that series 1 is playing on SyFy now? If not, it is and you really should head over there and watch as its a great show!)

Shows I’m thinking of breaking up with:

Grey’s Anatomy – There’s only so much angst I can take with this show and I find little joy in watching it. Yet I still come back to it week after week and I don’t know why.

One Tree Hill – This show used to be filled with such cheezy over the top drama…not its just boring and seems hell bent on making all of its characters miserable. If this wasn’t its final season I’d so be calling it quits.

How I Met Your Mother – This show used to be so very good and now its just a shadow of its former self. The writers seems to have forgotten this is supposed to be a comedy. I stick with it out of habit and a part of me still wants to know who the mother is…but seriously…hurry up and introduce her already…this dragging it out is getting so old.

Shows I’ve broken up with:

Glee – just so annoyed with this one that there are no words. The magic of season 1 is long gone and there was little of it that held my attention so it was time to cut the cord. 
Grimm – after a strong pilot episode this one just sort of fizzled. I love fairy tales so this makes me sad. But Grimm is just missing something that Once Upon a Time has.  Maybe I’ll try this one again at some point…we’ll see.

Shows I am thinking of starting:

Supernatural – really need to start watching this one as many people I know just rave about it.
Suburgatory – I’ve caught a few episodes of this and have enjoyed them. Will have to go back and check it out from the beginning.
The Vampire Diaries – So many people I know just rave about this one. I tried it when it first started but the first few episodes didn’t thrill me. But thinking of trying it again to see what all the fuss is about.
Sanctuary – Been thinking about starting this one…have you watched it? Is it worth my time?
Being Human – caught part an episode of the US version on Syfy the other day and was intrigued. Might have to start this one…US first then UK since the UK version is probably better. And yes I am a tad bit biased towards UK tv.

What are some of your favorite shows? Is there anything out there that you love beyond love that I’ve missed somehow? Or which one of the above do you think I should start first? LMK in the comments.

3 Responses to “What I Watched – 12 February 2012”

  1. QNPoohBear

    I LUUURRRRVVVVEEE Downton Abbey! I was sucked in by the time period and amazing costumes and now I’m so invested in the characters I can’t stop. I’m watching episode by episode each week on PBS. I joined Team Matthew/Mary this season despite hating them together last season and this season I joined Team Edith too. I feel sorry for her. My favorite sister in Series 1 was Sybil but she’s turned annoying this season. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the Roaring Twenties. My favorite character is Lady Violet. As you noted she zings off those one liners with such a straight face that is so delicious! I liked her paired with Cousin Isobel in series 1 and was disappointed they basically did away with the rivalry. Series 3 should be good with her rivalry with Lady Grantham’s mother.

  2. Chelsea

    I LOVE Cougar Town! It’s one of my favorite shows. I didn’t know what it was or think I would like it until Abed mentioned it on Community. Then I saw a clip on Hulu and was hooked.

    I just started watching Vampire Diaries. It is AMAZING.

    Another British show you might like is Mongrels. It’s a sitcom about these animals (2 foxes, a dog, a cat, and a pigeon) living in East London. It’s on Hulu, which is where I found out about it. It is hilarious!

  3. Sarah

    Suburgatory is GOOD! You should watch it.

    😀 And you know I love Cougar Town!

    Like you, I’m feeling very disillusioned by How I Met Your Mother. Lily’s dad is the newest most annoying character they’ve introduced and not for the better at all.

    I’m so behind on Hart of Dixie!