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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post: Ashley talks about why YOU should watch COUGAR TOWN

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Hello! I’m Gail’s friend, Ashley. If you read Gail’s most recent “What I watched” post, you’ll know me as the Cougar Town Bully, which is why I’m here today. Okay, not to bully you, but to implore her friends and followers to give Cougar Town, which returns from hiatus Tuesday, February 14th at 8:30, a try. (That’s today people. *s*) 
Cougar Town was one of the first shows to receive its renewal papers in the early winter of 2011. Then, for some reason, ABC continually put off the premiere. First it was to air in August, then November, then January, then March. After Work It’s absolutely appalling reviews and ratings, the network finally decided to bring the show back a little bit early. Ratings are of utmost importance for this show right now, which is why I’m asking you to watch. The show needs to do well in order to come back for a fourth season. And, trust me, after you give this show a try. You’ll be dying for a fourth season.
So, what’s it about? First and foremost, Cougar Town is not about cougars. There are no old ladies trying to score with younger dudes. The show’s original premise sought to focus on Courteney Cox’s character Jules getting back into the dating world after her divorce. That idea was quickly scrapped by the writers and the show became what it is today – a show about a group of 40-somethings and the goings on in their lives. And wine. Lots and lots of wine. All of the characters are unique and quirky and oh-so loveable.  In fact, check out this video from the season one finale. It really sums up what it’s all about. 

The cast is comprised of Couteney Cox, Josh Hopkins, Brian Van Holt, Christa Miller, Ian Gomez, Dan Byrd, and Busy Philipps. Bill Lawrence, most notably known as the man behind Scrubs, is the showrunner and head writer. He does a fantastic job of knowing how to make his shows stay witty and current. And funny. It seriously is one of the funniest shows on TV. Every time an episode airs, my twitter feed is filled with quotes from the show and people are always coming up to me trying to figure out what has me laughing so damn hard.
Not only does this show have wonderful writing and a fantastic on-screen ensemble, but they also have a cast and crew who genuinely care about their fan base. I’ve never seen a show that is so interactive with its fans. Most of the actors and writers are on Twitter and will do what they can in order to answer fans and talk to them. Most recently, they even put together their own US Viewing Party Tour to promote the upcoming season. They went to several cities throughout the country to meet fans and show a few episodes.
I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Bill Lawrence on Twitter and via phone. Courteney Cox has messaged me about an animated video I made to promote the show. I’ve talked with most of the writers and several of the cast, too. I’ve received autographed scripts and an official Bobby Cobb Penny Can Can (you’ll understand what that means when you watch). They may not bank as many viewers as American Idol, but they’re far more deserving of being on television. So, please, take thirty minutes out of your Tuesday, grab a glass of wine (if you’re of age), and turn on ABC at 8:30. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.
Thanks for reading!
Follow the Cougar Town Cast & Crew on Twitter:
The Creators: Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel
The Writers: @CougarTownRoom
The Actors: Couteney CoxBusy Philipps, Josh Hopkins, Christa Miller, and Ian Gomez

Edited to add:

Another reason to watch Cougar Town…the creators are awesome and send out wine to some of their devoted fans.

One Response to “Guest Post: Ashley talks about why YOU should watch COUGAR TOWN”

  1. Sarah Reads Too Much

    I am so excited for tonight!! I told my husband that I wanted our Valentine’s Day Plan to revolve around Cougartown, and he is all about it as well! Love love love this show!!

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