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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Angelfall by Susan Ee

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized5 Comments

Publisher: Feral Dream
Source: Purchased
Publication Date: 21 May 2011
Series or Standalone: Series
ISBN: B00522V6DQ
Format: ebook
Pages: 255
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Penryn & the End of Days Series Order
Book 1 – Angelfall
Book 2 – Untitled (Summer 2012)
Book 3 – Untitled (Unknown)
Book 4 – Untitled (Unknown) 
Book 5  – Untitled (Unknown)
First Line: Ironically, since the attacks, the sunsets have been glorious.
When I first heard about Angelfall by Susan Ee I was very skeptical of it. First it had angels and I am not a huge fan of that growing genre and second it was a self-published book….and we’ve all witness the horrors that can occur with self-published authors. But two bloggers, Po(sey) Sessions and YA Librarian Tales, whose opinions really matter to me kept insisting that this was one book that I really had to try. Yes, it was about Angels but it was about the scary biblical ones of old and it was more of a dystopia than not. And yes, it was self-published but it didn’t read like one. And since it was only 99 cents on I crumbled under their praise and purchased this book. 
This is a purchase that I don’t regret as I really enjoyed Angelfall. I loved the world building of this post-apocalyptic world and I loved that we had a history of how it all came to be. We weren’t just tossed into the ruins of America and told to just accept it without question of how society crumbled. I also enjoyed how angels weren’t given a white washing and made into benevolent creatures. I liked how they were cold and hard and scary. Anyone who has every read the bible knows the power of angels and it was a bit terrifying to see it on the page. 
Penryn’s voice was also very strong and realistic. She didn’t always make the wisest decisions but she always followed her heart. There were several times when she walked into danger knowing that she could have turned a blind eye and been safe. But she didn’t. She took risks and dealt with the consequences of her actions. Learning a bit more about herself in the process. I also enjoyed her interactions with Raff, the angel she rescues and makes a pact with to try and save her sister. They had a funny banter and I enjoyed seeing them learn to cope with the other and learn that the other race may not be as bad as initially thought. 
The problem that I had with the book was that just as the action really started to heat up, the story ended. And not just any ending but an ending with a cliff hanger. One that forces the reader to go and read the next book if they want to know what happens. I am filled with series fatigue and while I want to know what happens next a part of me is a little resentful that the only way to know is to keep reading.
Overall though, Angelfall is a solid addition to the dystopian craze and it might even be better than some of the other more popular dystopian reads out there. Its a solid world with a gripping plot line that will keep you on the edge of your seat as Penryn and Raff journey to across California. Its a book that will make your heart race and then break it a little over the course of Penryn’s journey. Its a book where the choices aren’t always easy but they are ones that need to be made. And for all of my series fatigue I really do hope that book 2 is available soon so that I can devour that one as quickly as I devoured Angelfall.

5 Responses to “Angelfall by Susan Ee”

  1. Sarah

    I totally get that resentment. Much as I want to read the next book I don’t think I’ll be rushing to read it when it comes out. Knowing I have four more books to read before all questions are answered… it’s wearying and not in a good reading way.

    • Irish

      I feel the same way. I want to read book 2…but not knowing when the rest might be out means I might wait a bit before grabbing book 2. We’ll see what happens.

  2. tapestry100

    Series fatigue! So, so true. I’ll keep an eye on this and maybe check it out after at least the second book is released.

    • Irish

      The second book should be out soon(ish)…so can always buy Angelfall in anticipation. Its currently only 99 cents on =)