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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What I Watched This Week – 13 Nov 2011

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What I watched this week is a weekly feature here on the blog where I discuss the tv shows and movies that I watched during the week. This post has been inspired by Galleysmith’s weekly TV Talk and Pop Culture Junkie’s monthly TV/Movie Recap. As always if you haven’t watched the episode mentioned then you might want to skip the recap as I will not be avoiding spoilers.
What I Watched 
Gnomeo and Juliet
The Accidental Husband
Glee – Pot of Gold (3×04)
Once Upon a Time – Snow Falls (1×03)
How I Met Your Mother – Disaster Averted (7×09)
Hart of Dixie – The Undead & The Unsaid (1×06)
American Horror Story – Piggy Piggy (1×05) 
The Big Bang Theory – The Orinthophobia Diffusion (5×09)
Bones – The Hotdog in the Competition (7×02) 


Gnomeo and Juliet – 4 stars – I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this one. But as I love Shakespeare I was excited when I saw that it was finally available on Netflix Instant. Romeo and Juliet isn’t my favorite play but I found that I really enjoyed Gnomeo and Juliet. It was a cute movie filled with many moments that made me laugh. As it was based on such a famous play you can imagine that there was a lot about it that was predictable. The only thing that was a bit blah about this one was the ending. It was very quick and not sure that anything was really concluded after the big dramatic thing that came right before it.

The Accidental Husband – 3 stars – This was another movie that I was excited to see on Netflix Instant as I’d been wanting to see it since I first saw the previews. I mean hello…it had Colin Firth in it…and I love him so very much. Sadly though he wasn’t in the movie as much as I would have liked. The story focused more on Uma Therman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan – neither of which I particularly care for (this is part of why I didn’t go see this one in theatres.) As you can imagine with a rom-com this movie was pretty predictable but it wasn’t horrible. It had its moments of cuteness and the last 5 min I could have done without. But it wasn’t entirely unexpected as those last 5 minutes do wrap things up in a neat little bow. The only thing that was missing was an explanation as to what happened to Emma Lloyd’s BFF who ran the sound booth and how/why her husbands best friend was there instead.

Glee – Pot of Gold (3×04) – I am seriously thinking about dropping this show. It just doesn’t really hold my attention like it used to and the addition of a second glee club is just so…blah. In a school that can barely maintain one glee club there is now 2? How lame and contrived and just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t believe that Shelby would be so willing to let Quinn and Puck so much access to her adopted daughter and that they would all of a sudden want to be parents. I felt really bad for the new Irish transfer student but as with all the other members of the cast I really just can’t bring myself to care too much. And as always Sue just really really bugs me. Plus there was that whole kiss between Puck and Shelby…seriously what is up with that? The only real saving grace of this episode was the appearance of Kurt’s dad. But you can’t watch a show just for one character and I mostly found my attention wandering a lot in this episode.

Once Upon a Time – Snow Falls (1×03) – Why oh why can’t Snow White be as strong in the modern world as she is in the fairy tale one? I’m tired of the milk sop! I enjoyed seeing her re-imaged past in this episode. I also loved seeing more of Prince Charming…he’s way too good looking to remain in that coma. Though how tragic that he’s supposedly married in the modern world and to that annoying princess too. Though I am sure it will only be a matter of time before the truth comes out there and he’ll soon be dating Snow…I mean Mary Margaret. I almost feel sorry for the Queen. Everything she does to try and keep her curse going and kick Emma out just seems to back fire. If only she’d have grown better at accepting defeat. I am so looking forward to next weeks episode and I am also deadly curious as to what favor that Rumpelstiltskin/Mr Gold will ask of the Queen when the time comes for him to collect his favor.


How I Met Your Mother – Disaster Averted (7×09) – I am a little confused at the timeline of this one. We found out at the end of last season that Lily was pregnant…but this episode said that Lily conceived during Hurricane Irene – which was in August of this year. But wouldn’t she have been pregnant before then? Because a few weeks ago we learned the sex and you have to be several months along for that…I dunno…maybe I’m missing something but it just seems like something is off. Overall I enjoyed the humor in this one. I loved seeing the gang deal with the Hurricane and learn about the whole boogie board thing. I also enjoyed Barney’s attempts to ditch the Ducky Tie….and how Marshall got some more slaps out of him. Though a bit sad he used up most of them. But we still have the one slap remaining from the slap bet. The thing that killed this episode for me was the very end when Barney and Robin kissed in the cab. Now I love the idea of them together. I do. But I HATE HATE HATE that they are doing it this way. Both Robin and Barney are in a relationship…and I don’t like that they seem to be setting them up to have an affair.

Hart of Dixie – The Undead & The Unsaid (1×06) – This show is just so adorable. I can’t get enough of it. Even though Lemon and Magnolia are such ridiculous characters and George is a bit lifeless and blah. But then there is Wade…oh sweet eye candy Wade. Why can’t Zoe just realize how much she adores him? I mean look how sweet he was by staying over when she was scared to be alone. The story of the man who faked his own death and then hung about was a bit odd but then I don’t fully expect the show to be super serious anymore. And if I am honest the main reason why I watch the show is because of Zoe and Wade.  Oh and Lavonn – I really like how he and Zoe interact as well…now if only he’d get over Lemon and move on with his life. Though I suppose that won’t start to happen until we learn just why they broke up since they both have such obvious feelings for each other.


American Horror Story – Piggy Piggy (1×05) – I knew that Tate was dead! I knew it…though it was a bit of surprise on how he died. I guess now we know why Constance moved out of the house. Not only did it hold the memory of her shooting her husband and the Moira but her son was killed there too. I’ve also come to realize that Ben is the worst therapist ever. Seems every one he consuls dies. That is not a very good track record. Not at all. I am also really curious about what Constance wants with Violet. In one episode she’s trying to poison her and now she seems to be taking her under her wing and saying she can commune with the dead. I don’t think that Violet has any special abilities since everyone in the house seems to be able to see all the various ghosts that live there. But the creepiest bit in this whole episode was when Vivian was eating the body parts…that brain…blech…I almost threw up with that. A girl at work thinks that she might be eating Addy…and I really hope that isn’t the case because that just adds a whole new level of gross to the whole thing.


The Big Bang Theory – The Orinthophobia Diffusion (5×09) – Penny really annoyed me in this episode. She kept insisting that she wasn’t on a date with Leonard but then took offense when he made her pay for things or insisted that they see a movie that he was interested in for a change. Then she ditched him to flirt with another guy. You don’t do that to a friend. And you also don’t try to sabotage that friend from flirting with another girl after the guy you ditched him for leaves. You can’t have it both ways Penny. You didn’t want to date Leonard so you need to just let him live his life. The bits with Sheldon and the bird were funny (minus when Amy Farrah Fowler was there) but they weren’t enough to override my annoyance with Penny. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this episode.

Bones – The Hotdog in the Competition (7×02) – This was a disappointing night of TV for me as this episode of Bones annoyed me as well. I can’t believe just how apathetic Bones was with her various pregnancy milestones. How could she honestly think that Booth wouldn’t want to be part of the ultrasound where they learn the sex of the baby? And how could she tell everyone else before him? He’s the father for crying out loud…and she knows just how much he loved Parker and how he hates missing all the little things in his life since he isn’t around him full time. Bones has come so far these past few years emotionally and such but this last episode was more like season 1 Bones…if not worse. I was also really annoyed with the new intern. I never thought I’d dislike anyone more than Daisy but I was wrong. His way of speaking is just so very over the top cliche and just makes me want to stick a fork in my eye to stop it from twitching. Can we please just settle on one intern…preferably Clark or find some way to bring back Zach.

3 Responses to “What I Watched This Week – 13 Nov 2011”

  1. Amy

    Vivian eating the brain was SO GROSS. And that idea of her eating Addie is just….omg.

    I realized that in order to enjoy Bones I have to just view it as amusing. They consistently regress Bones for the sake of Booth, IMO, and it annoys me. But I really really enjoyed the Finn c-story this episode.

  2. bathtub reglazing bronx

    I have watched few of the TV shows and movies you have mentioned.I was impressed by Leonardo’s acting in Romeo and Juliet.Whereas other movies didn’t impressed me.Glee was the only show i found amusing.i hope some good entertainment is provided to viewers through quality programs.