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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#YASpooktacular Party Time Continues with You Attack by Amy Garvey

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For those of you just coming into the story please be sure to head over to Reading Teen and start at the beginning. For those who are making their way through Party Time I hope that you enjoy this installment. First up here is a little background:

YA Spooktacular is hosted by Nikki at Wicked Awesome Books and Danielle at Frenzy of Noise. Here is what they have to say about it:

This year, there are three stories written by some of your favorite authors that will be posted throughout the week. Each story is a choose your adventure, where you get to decide what path to send the character down. Sometimes you live, sometimes you die, and sometimes you fall into a pit of no return.

There are also some TRICKS or TREATS scattered throughout the story, where you can enter to win prizes and get bonus points toward the prize packs. On Halloween day, the grand prize pack will be posted. You can click the banner above to see a full list of the YASpooktacular prize packs! 

All caught up? Good.  On to the story!


You attack by Amy Garvey
You don’t even think – you simply launch yourself forward, screaming like no one has ever screamed before.
You’re pushing, swinging, anything to get to Stace – and around the thing that’s standing between you.
You’re operating on pure instinct now, blood racing hot and fast as the smell of the thing swamps you. It’s dark and dirty, rotten animal and stale sweat, and when your fist makes contact with its chest, all you can feel is greasy fabric, stiff with something you don’t even want to imagine.
You don’t even know if he—she, it—is human. Your other fist lobs out, brushing matted hair and something wet, and you just screaming, over and over.
“Stace! Stace, where are you? Stace!”
The thing grunts, swings back, and something ragged and sharp slices into your cheek. You scream louder, twisting away, one hand to your face. Blood oozes through your fingers, sticky and sickening.
You hear her muffled whimper somewhere to the right, and then a crash.
You open your mouth to yell again just as the thing lunges at you. 
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Author bio:
Amy Garvey has always been a reader. She’s also been a movie theater ticket taker, a nanny, a camp counselor, and a romance editor. Now she’s a wife and a mom and a writer who still spends most of her free time reading (when she’s not watching too much TV). After starting off in romance with books like Hot Date and Pictures of Us, she’s writing in the genre she’s always loved most, young adult fiction. Cold Kiss is now available from HarperTeen.
You can find Amy on Twitter, on her blog, and on Goodreads:
You can order her books at the following places:
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