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Monday, September 26, 2011

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers (Audio)

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Publisher: Brilliance Audio (Audio); TorTeen (Print)

Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 28 Sept 2010 (Audio); 14 Sept 2010 (Print)
Series or Standalone: Series
ISBN:  144182340 (Audio), 0765328089  (Paperback)
Format: Audio
Audio Length: 9 discs (~11 hrs)
Place(s) Traveled to: Haden, Massachusetts (North Shore area)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
First Line: If there’s a Hell on Earth, it’s high school.

Siren Series Order

Book 1: Personal Demons
Book 2: Original Sin
Book 3: Last Rite (May 2012)
I’ve heard a lot of Personal Demons from my various blogger friends and so was eager to check this one out. Sadly, my reading eyes are far bigger than my available reading time so when I was able to get this one to review via audio I was overjoyed. I love listening to audios on my commute to work as it makes that time seem more useful especially when I get stuck in traffic. 
Personal Demons as a whole was a bit of a hit or miss story for me. I loved the big story arc mystery of just what it is that makes Franny so in demand of both heaven and hell and I enjoyed the interactions she had with Gabrial and Luc. Although as with many other books I wasn’t really feeling the love triangle or that Franny seemed to be equally in love with both boys. She always seemed to be lusting over the one she was with and never really seemed to make a conscience choice about what she liked or didn’t like about each boy. 
I liked how Franny had parents and a large family however they were really under utilized…almost to the point where they really weren’t a part of the story. The same went for Franny’s two best friends as well. They were present a lot at the start of the book but then they were dropped along the way and it became all about Franny and the boy of the moment. Franny herself also really got on my nerves. She was just a bit too teenage girl for me. Yes, I know that she’s SUPPOSED to be a teenage girl…so in that aspect Lisa Desrochers does a fabulous job. I just wish that she had more visible depth and was less teen girl in lust and only thinks about boys. 
Despite all that though I am still curious to see where this story is going. The main story line of this book was wrapped up but there are still enough open threads to leave the reader wanting to know more. To that end, I already have book 2 sitting on my reading pile waiting for some time to get to it. I hope that as the serious progresses that Franny will mature more and that with luck there will be more scenes with Luc to make up for any annoyances that Franny brings.
About the narrators: 
I loved loved loved Michael Nathanson as the voice of Luc. ZOMG that voice was very demonic at all the right times and just sends chills down your spine when it does. Nathanson was very believable as a millenia old demon and he even managed to handle the female voices well. Franny was just as annoying when he read her as when Sara Barnett voiced her. Speaking of Sara Barnett she did a very good job narrating the voice of Franny. Her male characterizations could have been better but overall I didn’t mind listening to her. Barnett may not be my first choice when it comes to future audios but I think that will all depend on the book involved.

2 Responses to “Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers (Audio)”

  1. Michelle

    I won’t spoil the second book for you (but I am currently working on my review of it) but I will say be prepared. LOL

    This was one of my favorite reads last year. I definitely felt the lust factor though I also felt love in there too. But the story was really what made it.