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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized5 Comments

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Source: Amazon Vine
Publication Date: 03 May 2011
Series or Standalone: Series
ISBN: 0345522478
Format: paperback
Pages: 320
Place(s) Traveled to: Tempe, Arizona
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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First Line: There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and foremost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius.

The Iron Druid Series Order
Book 1: Hounded
Book 2: Hexed (07 June 2011)
Book 3: Hammered (05 July 2011)

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I chose this book from the Amazon Vine program. I know that I liked the concept – a modern day Druid – and the fact that it was compared to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. I love the Harry Dresden books after all. But at the same time I really hate when one series is compared to another as the two in question rarely meet the exception. This wasn’t the case with Kevin Hearne’s Hounded which not only met all of my expectations but exceeded them.

I read this book on the plane home from visiting my sister and often found myself chuckling aloud at things in the book. The main character of Atticus has just the right amount of sarcasm to keep things light even when there are demons and other beasties popping out all over the place. Not to mention a fun cast of supporting characters that I hope we see again and again in the next two books. Like Atticus’s werewolf & vampire lawyers, his dog Oberon, his widowed neighbor and the various gods and goddesses that so love to make Atticus a pawn in their games. And the mythology…I couldn’t get enough of it! I love Irish mythology, I always have, and Hearne does an amazing job with weaving in all you need to know of the old myths without bogging the story down with details. And its not just Irish Mythology that is used but there are myths and stories used from other religions/beliefs as well that really flesh out this world and make it tangible.

Hearne also does a great job in making the reader believe that all these old gods and goddess are real and still walk among us. In some ways, The Iron Druid series is the Percy Jackson books of the adult world but with a bit more action, humor and fighting. As Hounded was the first in a series there is a lot of time spent on the world building and character introductions but mixed in with all that information is a well detailed plot that really sucks you in. The story is fast paced and there is very little time for you to sit back and breath because once Atticus overcomes one hurdle there are three more tossed in his way.

I really can’t tell you with enough words just how much I loved this book. Its a book that I know that I will reread over and over…as well as bully those around me to read. I think that there is just something in this story to appeal to any audience. I am also so glad that this is one series that is published back to back because I am finding it really hard to wait a month for the next installment and can’t imagine the toll on my sanity if I had to wait a year or more to find out what happens next to our modern day Druid. I urge you all to go out and buy this book if you like the Percy Jackson books or the Dresden Files then this will be a book that you enjoy just as much if not more.

Edited to add: Just a quick note to say while this book might appeal to fans of the Percy Jackson series the Iron Druid series is definitely for a more mature audience.

5 Responses to “Hounded by Kevin Hearne”

  1. Erica

    I hadn’t heard of this series before now, but it sounds great and like something I will enjoy. Knowing it comes highly recommend from the fabulous you makes me more excited to read it some time!

  2. Rachel @ Bookshelf Lust

    I randomly discovered Hounded one day on goodreads, and have been eagerly awaiting it ever since. So glad to hear how awesome it is! You made me very happy that I pre-ordered it.

    I’m also thankful that the books are being released only months apart. I don’t know if I can handle any more series with 1-2 year waits between books right now. I like to read a series back to back.

  3. Rob

    hiya irish, I read the book and listened to the audio version and I could not agree with you more. This series is very much like the Dresden files in format but based on a Druid and with its own universe and feeling. what i wanted to add is that having heard the audio version as well. I can say that both the book and the audio recording of it are top notch. I really love the way the author did his homework on a fairly hard to find mythology. another thing I liked was the humor was just right, not too much, not at the wrong times and forced. I do not want to give the impression that this is a humorous urban fantasy either, I just mean that when there are fun moments they work. Here is the best part, there are 2 more books coming out like bullets as the author has been writing for his own fun for years and is and english teacher. So Hounded is now out and then Hexed will out in June and Hammered in July . bottom line if you loved the first book the way I did you will get two more nice quick hits of it in the next few months. I will be definitely buying them. I loved the Druid take, And that is what I admired most. The Druid character in Urban fantasy has not been done because well it is a bit more challenging to do well. And that is why this series will have its own life and be considered similar to The dresden files but not copy cat or derivative. They guy did a really good job of fleshing out a believable Druid mixing what is known with what it is missing in history with great creativity and makes it all completely credible and fun. I predict and further uptick in celtic tattoos.

  4. Rob

    I should have proofread a bit more sorry. but I also wanted to say i am pretty pick about urban fantasy as a rule. I tend towards epic fantasy and more pure fantasy but this is the first that has blown my mind the way the Dresden files did. And I say that knowing I will want to read both as each has its own universe and flavor of fantasy. very exciting to see a new top notch franchise. Long Live “The Iron Druid Chronicles”