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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trapped by Michael Northrop

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized9 Comments

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Source: Borrowed from a friend
Publication Date: 01 January 2011
Series or Standalone: Standalone
ISBN: 0545210127
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
Place(s) Traveled to: Southern New England – Town names mentioned Canton, Soudley, North Cambria & Little River
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
First Line: We were the last seven kids waiting around to get picked up from Tattawa Regional High School.

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 Trapped by Michael Northrop has been on my radar since I first heard about The Contemps Challenge. Growing up in New England I know just how crazy some of the storm systems can be and how quickly they can form. The weather men tend to be disliked because there really is no predicting just what will actually happen. Such is the case in Northrop’s Trapped, the snow starts like most snows do, just a few flurries nothing to really worry about. But as with the Blizzard of 78 (and if you are from New England this is burned into your soul even if you weren’t born yet) its not so much HOW a storm starts….or how innocent it may seem…its all about how FAST the snow comes down.

In Trapped, like in the Blizzard of 78, the rate of snow falls faster than the plows can keep up. Vehicles then get stuck on the roads and the plows have an even more difficult time until there really just is nothing to do but bunker down and wait it out. A blizzard will blow itself out in a few hours, 12 at the most, and then you grab shovels and start to dig your way back to normal and wait for the next storm to hit and then repeat. Only in Trapped the snow doesn’t stop. It just keeps falling in fat, heavy flakes that cover up single story homes as foot after foot piles up. Trapped is a short book and probably can be read in a single sitting, however, this book took me several to get through because ever time I picked it up it snowed. After getting 20+ inches the first time I picked it up and several more the next, well I just knew the book was cursed and it made me wary. *lol* Reading Trapped while its snowing probably isn’t the best of ideas but I also can’t recommend reading it any other way. The added realism to the story as you watch the snow falling outside your window just ups the creep factor and lets you know that its a story that could potentially happen and  makes the reader wonder would THIS storm be like THAT storm in the book?

The book is narrated by Scotty Weems who is a teenager who gets trapped in the school with 2 friends and 5 other random souls. Of all the kids that were trapped that day I think that Scotty was the best choice as he doesn’t mince words, he just tells the story straight and to the point, exposing everyone’s flaws…including his own. The kids are all different from one another and in the end its these differences that save them as they all bring different strengths and skills to this horrible situation. Where there things I would have done differently? Absolutely. But I am not them. I was not there. If I was, who knows what I might have done. I do know that I probably would have found a smaller, less windowy room to sleep in as a group. I do know that I would have been more worried about the roof than they were. All that snow, foot after foot after foot, piling up on the flat roof, weighing it down? Yeah….I’d have been so paranoid! But that would have been my father’s fault and the stories of bad winters he’d tell when I’d ask why people were shoveling snow off a roof while driving places after a storm in the winter.

Trapped was well written and with the main story itself I find few flaws but for me it ended way too soon. When I turned the last page was I confused and had many thoughts running through my head. What happened next? What happened to the kids? To their parents? To the town? I really would have loved this story to got one one more chapter to sum up the after affects of the storm. Because without that the story just feels unfinished. Like all this tension was built up but instead of a bang on release there is just this little poof and it left me unsatisfied as I expected more. You won’t be wasting your time if you read this book and I really can’t stress enough how one should read it while there is snow around because I just don’t think it would have the same feel to it if read on a beach in the middle of July. I liked Trapped, I didn’t love it, but I liked it and now I think I’m going to have to find where I stuck Norhtop’s other book, Gentleman, and add it to my must read sooner rather than later section of Mt TBR. Really, that clone I ordered can come any day…

That said, I must now go out and shovel off the additional 12 inches of snow that fell last night. off my balcony…I’m telling you this book is cursed and every time I touch it, it snows. *sighs*

9 Responses to “Trapped by Michael Northrop”

  1. Meredith

    I just have to say, I really appreciate a book review that also includes a shout-out to the Blizzard of 78. Very nice.

    But you’re finished with the book, right? You’re not going to read it again? Because southern New England has enough snow already.

  2. Irish

    Meredith – yes I am done with the book & will be returning it to my friend soon. So hopefully that’ll be the end of the snow. Because there is no place left to put it!

    Nomadreader – it wasn’t entirely disappointing…I just wanted more from the ending. To me it was a bit unresolved.

  3. lisa :)

    That is way too eerie. Next time pick this one up the day before Christmas and then let it sit on your shelf until spring! Hope you’re handling all the storms okay!

  4. Shooting Stars Mag

    Sorry about all the snow, but I do really want to read this one. I’m glad it’s enjoyable…bummer about the ending, but I think I can handle it. ahha


  5. Sarah

    Cursed book, lol. I find that amusing. I had the same issues with the ending of this book too. I was just not ready for the swift end after all the buildup of the snowstorm. I would have liked to have seen the ramifications of it all I guess.

  6. Irish

    Lauren – if you can try to read it during a snow storm! I highly recommend it for ambiance.

    Sarah – the book is cursed. When my friend was reading it there was snow as well. I am a bit spooked by it. lol

  7. Michelle

    I didn’t have to endure snow while reading this book but I certainly felt like I got the full effect anyway. Like you, I fell right in the middle on this one. It was interesting but like Gentlemen a little darker. It’s definitely a book that encouraged me to step outside my normal reading preferences.

  8. Netherland

    The basic story idea was great and there were suspenseful moments but the word said is overused the characters are poorly developed an he ending is random unless there was an epilogue or sequel.