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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

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Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Source: Borrowed from a friend via the Nook’s Lend-Me feature
Publication Date: 12 Oct 2010
Series or Standalone: Series (order listed below)
ISBN: 142311339X
Format: e-book
Pages: 553
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First Line: Even before he got electrocuted, Jason was having a rotten day.

The Lost Hero is the brand new series from best-selling author Rick Riordan and in it he returns to the world of demi-gods that we fell in love with in his Percy Jackson books. The Heroes of Olympus is considered to be a spin off series but in some ways its really a continuation of the story that began with Percy Jackson. Its not a series that you’ll want to read if you haven’t read the books that came before. Because they world has already been created previous there is a lot of background info that gets skipped over. The assumption is made that you already know about the Greek gods still existing and the names and qualities of the major monsters that are seen. Not to mention that there are spoilers and allusions made to events of the first books. 
This new series is told from the points of view of the three main characters (Jason, Piper and Leo) and I really liked the switch up in this. I loved being able to see the story come alive through the different sets of eyes. Although I have to admit that if it wasn’t for the name at the top of each chapter I am not sure that I would be able to differentiate each “voice” of the characters as they all sort of blend together. The characterizations of the three mains are also reminiscent of those other characters we know and love. Jason is the leader and mirrors Percy in many qualities and mannerisms – although unlike Percy he is very away of the gods….he just can’t remember everything fully. Piper is the token girl, the potential love interest and the one who just seems to know just a little bit about everything. However, unlike Annabeth she is less annoying in her knowledge and is a bit more kick ass. And Leo is the wise cracking sidekick and best friend/third wheel of Piper and Jason (aka Grover). But unlike Grover, Leo is a full fledged demi-god who is special in his own right and really holds his own in the quest. The satyrs in this series, Gleeson Hedge, is also a lot more fun than Grover ever was. Hedge is just so over the top but he never failed to make me laugh when he would try to charge into an impossible fight shouting “Die!!” As comic relief, Hedge beat out Leo every time.
The story arc is similar to what was scene in the the Percy Jackson books but there are new monsters, new battles and an added twist that helps keep the formula from being stale. I really enjoyed the new twist that Riordan added to this series. Although I will admit that it did seem to come out of left field. I just feel like it would have been better if he’d shown hints of this idea in the Percy Jackson books. Then as a reader you could have had this “AH HA!” moment when it all comes together. As it was though, you go through a small bit of confusion as you get your head wrapped around the new concept. But once you get over that hurdle of strangeness for these new bits its all love and eagerness to see where Riordan is going.
I do have to admit that while I missed Percy, I found that I really didn’t miss Annabeth or Grover. Then once I got to know Jason a little more I didn’t miss Percy as much. I really do hope to see a Percy and Jason meet up in the coming books. I think it would be really interesting to see those two interacting. They are so close, personality wise, that they could be really good friends or….I am at a loss for words here. I don’t think they’d ever be enemies….but they could seriously butt heads that would cause strife and prevent them from fully trusting or becoming friends with each other.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Lost Hero, spin offs are always such a tricky thing, but I ended up loving the story. I loved returning to the world that I first fell in love with in the Percy Jackson books. I loved the blend of old characters and new. If you read and loved the Percy Jackson books then I think that you will also enjoy The Heroes of Olympus. I know that I am already eagerly waiting for Book 2….which is going to be a very long wait indeed since it isn’t scheduled to be released until October 2011!!

The Heroes of Olympus Series Order
Book 1: The Lost Hero
Book 2: The Son of Neptune (Oct 2011)

2 Responses to “The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan”

  1. lisa :)

    I really liked the Percy Jackson books and Riordan’s The Red Pyramid so I’m glad to hear such good things about this one too!