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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I Know About Love by Kate LeVann

Posted by Irish in Uncategorized2 Comments

Publisher: EgmontUSA
Publication Date: 22 Jun 2010
ISBN: 1853409995
Format: Paperback (ARC)
Pages: 160
Kate LeVann – Official Site
Kate LeVann – Blog
Kate LeVann – Twitter

Place(s) Traveled to: Princeton, New Jersey and New York, New York

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

First Line: I think this is it, I think I’m going to die.

Things I Know About Love is told in blog form primarily by Livia Stowe who is making the long journey from England to New Jersey to spend the summer with her older brother. She starts the blog so that she can chronicle her experiences and to document what she learns about love along the way. For the most part Livia is your typical teenage girl with the exception that she’s been ill much of her life and so has missed out on a lot of normal teenage activities. So Livia is looking at her summer trip as a way to start fresh in a place where no one knows her past. Along the way Livia meets Adam, a friend of her brothers, another Englishman studying abroad. She inspires him to start his own blog and through these entries you see a whole other side of Livia.

I found Things I Know About Love to be a quirky and fun and I enjoyed watching Livia emerge and come into her own. I really enjoyed the relationship that developed between Livia and Adam. I expected this book to be a fun and entertaining and for the most part this book lived up to that. What I didn’t expect was the serious aspect of the novel that cropped up fairly suddenly towards the end. I found this twist to be a bit jarring and took me out of the story. I also found the ending to be unnecessary and dare I say it….unrealistic. Yes I know that it is possible. But it just seemed in total opposite of everything that came before in the book. I enjoyed the book. I am glad that I read it. But its not a story that I would read again.

2 Responses to “Things I Know About Love by Kate LeVann”

  1. Michelle

    I agree about the ending kind of sneaking up on you. I think, though, that this was done to maximize the surprising impact of what happened. I don’t know that it was unrealistic just not preferable 😉

    Ultimately, despite that, I enjoyed this book and think it’s a good quick read to add to a YA lover’s TBR pile.